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Can Berkeley live with not being nuclear-free?

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It was the height of the Cold War and Ronald Reagan was president. The United States and the Soviet Union were racing to see which country could produce the best  — and most — nuclear weapons. Missiles were pointed at each others’ capitals.

But that was then, and this is now. Wozniak, currently a city council member, is proposing to scuttle parts of the 25-year old Nuclear Free Berkeley Act, particularly the parts that prohibit the city from investing in the federal government.

In the next month, he plans to submit a proposal to the city council severely limiting the scope of the law.

“The Cold War is over,” said Wozniak. “There is no longer a Soviet Union. Our nuclear arsenal is down to about 2,000 warheads. The trend is in the right direction. We should declare victory and abolish the nuclear free zone. It has accomplished its purpose.” … Continue reading »

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