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Oakland hears restaurants over compost fee hikes

Oakland restaurant owners gathered by its city hall steps to protest a sharp rise in compost fees. Gail Lilian, owner of Liba Falafel and organizer of the protest, speaks. Photo: Seung Y. Lee
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After Oakland restaurant owners staged a protest to make clear their opposition to skyrocketing compost bills, thanks to the city’s new garbage collecting contract, Oakland City Council held an emergency meeting on Monday to address the issue.

In the end, however, the council chose not to make any changes proposed by city staff, citing lack of information and communication with business owners as reasons for the delay.

Council members repeatedly apologized to the restaurant owners for the unforeseen rises in compost fees.

“I made a promise to businesses we would meet with them on composting rates prior to moving anything forward and next thing I know, I’m at this meeting,” said council woman Annie Washington at the meeting. “I feel like it’s putting my integrity into question.” … Continue reading »

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Op-Ed: Why I support plans for the Safeway on College

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In July, the Berkeley City Council took up the EIR agreement for the proposed Safeway store on College Avenue in Oakland’s Rockridge district right on the Berkeley border. Buoyed by the protests of the attendees, Mayor Bates summarized the objections of the council, “it’s just too big for the location.”

In the debate about the Rockridge Safeway, there is little understanding of how the 61,000 sq ft design came about. Why is this project so big? Why have they piled … Continue reading »

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