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Oakland Dust rubs pay homage to local barbecue

Lloyd Ross of Oakland Dust. Photo: Alix Wall
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If you grew up in the East Bay in the 1970s, chances are you may remember Flint’s BBQ, a legendary take-out spot on Shattuck Avenue just beyond the Berkeley border that usually had a line of people waiting for their links, ribs or brisket, with several slices of Wonder Bread to mop up the sauce.

Lloyd Ross is one of those who remembers it fondly.

In his house, Flint’s was a Sunday tradition. He’d go with his dad to pick up barbecue. “By the time we made it home, half the links would be gone and my lips would be on fire,” he recalled fondly. “This is where my love affair with pork and all foods began.”

Ross, who was born and bred in Oakland, still lives here today. And he’s the creator of a new spice rub for meat, poultry and seafood proudly bearing his city’s name, Oakland Dust. “I created Oakland Dust for my love of food and for the city I proudly call home,” he said. … Continue reading »

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Oakland chocolate brand promises quality, wellbeing

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It’s hard to imagine that many chocolatiers start off by confessing, “I actually never really liked chocolate.” Brian Wallace, the founder of new Oakland-based Endorfin Chocolat, hastens to add, however, that it’s because, growing up, he basically had sugar and milk with chocolate flavoring, “not real chocolate.”

That difference — between “chocolate” and chocolate — is the energy that drives Wallace’s sustainably sourced, herb-infused creations. From Ghirardelli to Scharffen Berger, the Bay Area has long led the way in the craft of chocolate. As we learn more and more about how our food choices affect not only our bodies but the world we live in, confectionary innovators like Wallace are offering sophisticated chocolates that strive to combine flavor, quality, and ethics.

Wallace is also an ethnobotanist, and his study of the human uses of naturally occurring plants led him back to chocolate, despite his youthful aversion. A cottage industry of passionate advocates for the healthful qualities of chocolate has sprung up in the East Bay. These alternative, small-scale chocolatiers — including the Oakland Chocolate Company and Coracao Confections — are revising our understanding of chocolate. We may know by now that dark chocolate is a superfood that’s good for our hearts and our blood pressure. But does that mean we have to skip the Nutella and chew on unsweetened raw chocolate? … Continue reading »

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