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Café Colucci: Flying flag for authentic Ethiopian food

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At Café Colucci on Telegraph Avenue, when you dip injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread, into pungent, deftly seasoned creamy lentils, collard greens or chopped beef, you are dipping into thousands of years of Ethiopian culinary history.

“Sheltered in isolation, Ethiopian culinary art flourished autonomously for centuries,” writes restaurant owner Fetlework Tefferi in her book Ethiopian Pepper and Spice. “Farmer families have entrusted the seeds of their crops as well as ancient cultivation processes from father to son, while family spice blending from mother to daughter for generations on end.”

In order to ensure that the dozens of indigenous spices and herbs used in her beloved Oakland restaurant retain their authentic flavor, Tefferi has been passionately supporting the local farmers and dairywomen of Modjo, Ethiopia since 2009. … Continue reading »

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Clove & Hoof: A meaty addition to Temescal

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Temescal already has its church of cheese and pantheon to pork, so now let us take a moment to welcome its latest arrival: a brand new cathedral for the carnivorously inclined: Clove & Hoof, a butcher and sandwich shop on the corner of Broadway and 40th Street.

Opened by Analiesa Gosnell, the general manager and John Blevins, executive chef, the pair has a wealth of butchery experience, working at such places as Café Rouge and 4505 Meats between them, and most recently, studying butchery in France.

Clove & Hoof specializes in whole animal butchery, and its gleaming display case has multiple cuts and varieties of grass-fed animals from Jenner Family Beef and Magruder Lamb, to name a few, to choose from.

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