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Photo Gallery: Two nights of protests, riots in Berkeley

Photo, taken on Sunday Dec. 7, 2014, by Kelly Owen
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Berkeleyside is continuing its coverage of the protests and riots that took place in Berkeley this past weekend. Read our minute-by minute reporting of Saturday’s protests, and Sunday’s protests, which includes photos and videos. Watch videos on our YouTube channel. Catch up with our live coverage on Twitter.

Look out for more reporting in the hours to come.

Here we present some of the many dramatic photographs taken of the events that unfolded on Saturday Dec. 6 and Sunday Dec. 7, and into the early hours of Monday Dec. 8. … Continue reading »

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Live coverage: Berkeley community meeting after murder

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[View the story “March 8 Berkeley community meeting in wake of Peter Cukor homicide” on Storify]

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Berkeley High concerned about Civic Park Occupy camp

Occupy Berkeley camp
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Berkeley High School Principal Pasquale Scuderi says supervising BHS students during the lunch hour and after school has become more challenging for the school with the growth of the Occupy Berkeley tent-city in Civic Center Park.

In a letter to the BHS community sent out by email Wednesday, Scuderi noted that the burgeoning camp has made it more difficult for school administrators and safety staff to keep an eye on and visually identify students among the settlers in the park, a number of whom “may not be connected to or interested in the advocacy being conducted by the actual Occupy Berkeley movement”.

Scuderi, who estimates there are now around 90 tents in the park, says there have been no negative interactions with the campers. The school currently has two administrators monitoring the park during the lunch hour. … Continue reading »

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Poet writes about Occupy Cal, protesters plan next steps

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Robert Hass, professor of poetry and poetics at UC Berkeley, attended Occupy Cal this month and wrote about his experience in an op-ed piece for the New York Times on Sunday titled “Poet-Bashing Police”.

He decided to go on campus with his wife, Brenda Hillman, after hearing about police beating protesters with truncheons in order gain access to, and dismantle, tents that had been declared unauthorized by the Cal administration.

“I wanted to see what was going to happen and how the police behaved, and how the students behaved. If there was trouble, we wanted to be there to do what we could to protect the students,” he writes.

As we reported on November 14th, the former poet laureate ended up being hit by police and his wife was knocked to the ground. The experience, he writes, got him thinking that “life is full of strange contingencies.” Read the full column in the New York Times. … Continue reading »

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At Occupy Cal: Let books take the place of banned tents

Book tents
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The police may have forcibly evicted slumberers and their tents set up Wednesday night by Occupy Cal protesters on campus, but never let it be said that Berkeley students aren’t creative. Replacing the tents we have — fittingly enough for a storied institution of learning — books, or rather books made to look like tents. Symbolic perhaps, but making a point nonetheless. Thanks to Arturo Snuze for the photograph which was taken after today’s pre-dawn eviction.

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Before Occupy Oakland came the protesters of Solano Ave.

Tax the rich 2
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For the past 10 weeks, a group of demonstrators has gathered every Monday at 4:30 pm on Solano Avenue — in front of the shuttered Oaks Theatre and outside the Chase Bank — holding aloft banners that read “Tax the Rich”, “Make the Rich Pay More Taxes”, and “Please Join Us”.

The first group who ventured out was just 10-strong but, according to spokesperson Harry Brill, the numbers have now swollen to around 40. The protesters do not affiliate themselves formally with the Occupy movement, although they share some of the same campaign sentiments. “What we have in common is our indignation that the big corporations and super-rich individuals are not paying their fair share of taxes,” says Brill. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley joins 900 cities to condemn corporate greed

Wendy Phillips
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Update, 10.16.11: A video of the October 15th Occupy march in Berkeley has been added at the foot of this story. It was created by Digital Asphalt/East Bay Media Center/Paul Kealoha Blake.


Some 300 people marched, biked and rolled their wheelchairs through downtown Berkeley Saturday, adding their voices to the Occupy Movement calling for an end to the abuse of corporate power. There were rallies and demonstrations in more than 900 cities in the U.S. and abroad, with a turnout of some 2,000 in Oakland and 3,000 in San Francisco.

“There ain’t no power like the power of the people, ‘cause the power of the people don’t stop,” Berkeley marchers chanted, waving homemade signs such as “No Taxes for Star Wars,” “This is Not a Recession; This is a Robbery,” and “Free Market Makes People Unfree.” Marchers walked on the sidewalk, accompanied by a couple of police officers on bicycles.

Before the march, a few people spoke briefly in the manner that has become familiar to the Occupy Movement, with the crowd repeating the speakers’ words so that they are heard by all. Elizabeth Kessell listed a dozen corporate misdeeds – bank foreclosures, workplace discrimination, misuse of animals, abrogation of worker rights, media control and more. She went on to call for solutions: “Exercise your rights to peaceable assembly,” she said. “Occupy public spaces [and] create a process to address the problems we face.”

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