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Bay Area Underground: A cornucopia of sub-cultures

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Two local lads — Matt Werner, a Cal English grad who now works at Google, and Joe Sciarrillo who is studying for his masters at Cal — have published a book that embraces many of the Bay Area’s “big” moments of the past five years, be it the Occupy protests or the Giants winning the World Series. A smattering of those events took place in Berkeley, as the photos here show. We caught up with co-author Matt Werner to find out more about ‘Bay Area Underground.’

What is Bay Area Underground about?
Bay Area Underground is a photobook featuring candid images of life in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2008-2012. The photos invite readers to revisit key moments that have defined living in the Bay Area during the Great Recession. The book captures the major social movements and cultural events in the Bay Area over the last five years from the Giants winning the World Series to the Bay to Breakers. It’s also one of the first books to cover Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco, as well as the Oscar Grant protests in Oakland. … Continue reading »

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Before Occupy Oakland came the protesters of Solano Ave.

Tax the rich 2
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For the past 10 weeks, a group of demonstrators has gathered every Monday at 4:30 pm on Solano Avenue — in front of the shuttered Oaks Theatre and outside the Chase Bank — holding aloft banners that read “Tax the Rich”, “Make the Rich Pay More Taxes”, and “Please Join Us”.

The first group who ventured out was just 10-strong but, according to spokesperson Harry Brill, the numbers have now swollen to around 40. The protesters do not affiliate themselves formally with the Occupy movement, although they share some of the same campaign sentiments. “What we have in common is our indignation that the big corporations and super-rich individuals are not paying their fair share of taxes,” says Brill. … Continue reading »

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Protesters vote to set up Occupy Cal camp at UC Berkeley

Protestors met for a general assembly at around 1:45 pm today at Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus. Photos: Tracey Taylor

Update, 7:52pm: Video footage of police beating protesters at today’s Occupy Cal demonstrations has emerged. The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Miles Mathews [Hat-tip: Bruce Love]:

Update, 4:36 pm: Protesters have been attempting to set up tents and clashing with police at the Cal Occupy demonstrations on campus, according to various media reports. UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore confirmed to the Daily Californian that there have been six arrests over the course of the day. UCPD have issued dispersal notices and have been taking down tents erected by protesters. Shortly after 4:00 pm, protesters were attempting to convene another general assembly.

This afternoon, Berkeley councilmember Kriss Worthington sent a letter to the UC Chancellor and the UCPD Chief complaining of what he says appears to be the suppression of free speech by the UCPD. … Continue reading »

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A mom goes to Occupy Oakland with her 7-year-old twins

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By Elisabeth Jay

After activists occupied the Frank Ogawa Plaza outside of Oakland City Hall for the second time, it seemed high time to visit the site that not only had been renamed Oscar Grant Plaza, but was suddenly in the vanguard of the Occupy movement. Enough of the “I’m-too- busy-being-a-working-parent” excuse. According to the Occupy website, something would be happening Saturday October 29 at 11 a.m. But what to do about the kids on a morning when their other mother had grading to do?

“So this morning, we’re going to take BART to somewhere really interesting, where there are going to be a lot of people having a big rally, kind of like what is going on in downtown Berkeley, only bigger” I explained.

“Oh, where they are camping out with tents and the police took away their sleeping bags?” replied my knowledgeable 7-year-old son. “Can I bring my book and read?”

“I don’t know…” said his twin sister. “Will it be fun for kids?” … Continue reading »

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Occupy Berkeley consolidates camp, supports Oakland

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The group of Occupy Berkeley protestors who had made their base the space in front of Bank of America on Shattuck and Center Streets has left that location to join the Occupy Berkeley encampment at MLK Park, according to a sign left at the Shattuck site.

Citizen reporter Michael Roberts is concerned about the detritus they have left behind, which includes flags, a chair, table and litter.

“While I support many of the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I’m truly disappointed in the local Occupy Berkeley protestors who, according to a sign, have moved from their spot at Shattuck Avenue and Center Street in front of the Bank of America to the park at Center and Martin Luther King Jr.,” he said. … Continue reading »

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Occupy Oakland demonstrations on Tuesday October 26. Photo: Queena Kim/The Bay Citizen

The Berkeley Police Department sent fifteen officers to the Occupy Oakland demonstration Tuesday evening to support the Oakland Police in its efforts to break up the protests. “The Oakland Police Department (OPD) requested mutual aid through the Alameda County Mutual Aid Coordinator, who in turn requested mutual aid from various law enforcement agencies within the county,” BPD Public Information Officer Sergeant Mary C. Kusmiss told Berkeleyside.

“The basis of the request was that OPD was unable to address and manage the situation safely (and take care of the City of Oakland) with their internal resources. On the night of Tuesday, October 25, BPD sent one squad of 12 BPD officers, two sergeants and a Lieutenant.” … Continue reading »

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