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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

Yolo Berry Yogurt. Photo: Shifra de Benedictus-Kessner
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YOLO BERRY YOGURT Yolo Berry Yogurt is moving into the old AT&T spot at 2114 Shattuck Ave. — because there is clearly no such thing as too many fro-yo places in a college town, particularly if you’re going to be situated close to a giant open-campus high school, right? Yolo Berry Yogurt, which follows the formula of offering self-serve yogurt with your choice of toppings — was founded by Lee Pflugrath in Davis and this will be the second site for the company.

berkeley bio labsBERKELEY BIOLABS Berkeley BioLabs, a “hackubator” focused on the development of new biotechnologies, therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices, has opened up at 600 Bancroft Way, almost on the bay in West Berkeley. The small bio-hacker/incubator space has around 10 benches for proto companies and individual scientists who want to get to their proof of concept quickly. Berkeley BioLabs also offers scientific and business mentoring. The company is currently accepting applications from scientists interested in “accelerating the pace of innovation in medicine through collaborative co-working in a shared biotech lab space.” For details, visit the Berkeley BioLabs website. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley Bites: Aaron Betesh, Blue Heron Farms

Cooking up kale.
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For 10 years, Blue Heron Farms vendor Aaron Betesh has been selling organic vegetables to customers at all three Berkeley Farmers’ Markets.

Betesh is part of the Blue Heron crew which, for much of the year, hawks salad greens, Asian greens, herbs and flower — along with carrots, kale, and broccoli.

The produce comes from a small family farm in Corralitos, near Watsonville, run by Lori Perry and Dennis Tamura.

Farmers’ Market customers don’t always realize that not … Continue reading »

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