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3 efforts aim to build West Oakland’s healthy future

The staff of People's Grocery, a nonprofit one of whose many projects is a vegetable garden at the California Hotel. Photo: People's Grocery
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It is well known that fresh produce and alternatives to fast-food are both sorely lacking in West Oakland, an area sometimes referred to as a “food desert.” With perhaps one exception, efforts to date to rectify the situation have either not been forthcoming, or failed to get off the ground. However, three initiatives close to the hearts of food-justice activists are picking up steam and promise to bring real and lasting change for the neighborhood.

People’s Grocery: Improving the local food system in myriad ways

Founded in 2003 with the mission of improving West Oakland’s health and economy through the local food system, People’s Grocery is now host to a dizzying array of programs, from foodways education for local kids to subsidized CSA boxes and farmers markets that accept food stamps. West Oakland residents can purchase staple foods at wholesale prices through the organization, as well as indulge in days of “meditative weeding” at one of their several community gardens. … Continue reading »

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For Oakland food desert: A people’s grocery store

Brahm Ahmadi scaled
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The Bay Area may be known internationally as a foodie destination, but there are pockets of the region that stand in stark contrast to the world of organic produce, farmers’ markets and artisanal edibles. West Oakland, for example, is what some call a “food desert.” This low-income neighborhood has not sustained a full-service grocery store in years. Now, one man and his grassroots organization hope to change that by opening a “People’s Community Market,” the culmination of many years of groundwork and a lot of vision.

Brahm Ahmadi came to West Oakland more than 10 years ago as a community organizer focused on environmental issues, but he quickly found that the area’s residents were far more concerned with their lack of access to fresh, healthy food. As a result he founded People’s Grocery in 2002.

People’s Grocery is a collection of programs and experiments whose underlying, long-term goal has always been the creation of a brick-and-mortar grocery store — when the time seemed right. Ahmadi, who had no experience in retail, no food background and no history in the neighborhood, knew he had to invest some time into researching the idea and laying the foundation before breaking ground on what is known as the People’s Community Market. … Continue reading »

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Tickets expected to go fast for Michael Pollan’s food class

Michael Pollan
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When word leaked out in the spring that Michael Pollan would be co-teaching a class on the rise and future of the food movement, students at UC Berkeley rushed to sign up. The 10-week, two-unit course was filled minutes after it was listed online.

Now, the general community has a chance to participate in this gold rush.

UC will be releasing tickets for Edible Education 101 on a first-come, first-serve basis on August 15. There will be about 282 tickets available for each class and people will be able to sign up for just one lecture or all of them, said Carolyn Federman, director of development for the Edible Schoolyard, which is co-sponsoring and paying for the course. The tickets will be free and will be sold through Ticketweb, she said.

Pollan is co-teaching Edible Education 101 with Nikki Henderson, the executive director of People’s Grocery, a food justice organization in Oakland. While Pollan and Henderson are the co-teachers, much of the class will center around lectures given by luminaries in the food movement. Confirmed speakers include Carlo Petrini, Peter Sellars, Marion Nestle, Frances Moore Lappé, Raj Patel, Ann Cooper, Eric Schlosser, and Alice Waters. … Continue reading »

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The Local Beet: talking about what you eat

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Rachel Gross is about to start her senior year at UC Berkeley. A former writer and editor for The Daily Californian, Rachel was also a “blogtern” for the New York Times’ Bay Area blog and writes for The Choice, a Times’ blog on the college admissions process. In addition to covering news stories for Berkeleyside, Rachel will occasionally be sharing her personal observations about events in the city.

By Rachel Gross

Here in the Bay … Continue reading »

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