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Recipe: Tender, tangy buttermilk hibiscus cake

Hibiscus Cake. Photo: Moriah Van Vleet
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Vivid hibiscus flowers are often flaunted in brewed tea, but I’ve found that their tart, earthy notes make for a wondrous edible treat, too. So when I recently came across dried hibiscus petals in powdered form, I knew they were destined for my next dessert. Besides, with spring in full swing, it’s hard to keep blooming flowers out of mind. (Ah-choo!)

This time, I echoed the hibiscus with other tangy tones: rich buttermilk and plenty of Meyer lemon. The result was a refreshing and succulent new cake — moist, citrusy layers with a deep burgundy hue. Cream cheese frosting proved a decadent and well-balanced pairing, but the cake is also lovely when simply dusted with powdered sugar. … Continue reading »

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Honey Dijon caramels: Unexpectedly delicious

Honey Dijon Caramels (13)
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In the world of savories and snacks, I’ve always been a big fan of mustard. I’m known to accumulate several jars at a time for the sheer pleasure of trying new varieties. Seeded or spicy, beery or herbal — I love spreading it on pretzels, bread, and even carrot sticks.

To tell you the truth, I never really thought of mustard as a candidate for a dessert ingredient. But recently, while in the throes of a lengthy caramel-making kick, my new jar of Dijon started calling to me. Could this velvety, scrumptious mustard match well with brown sugar, honey and cream?

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I find most Dijon to be silky smooth and naturally creamy, pleasantly tangy but absent of sharpness. And it tends to have a short ingredient list: salt, vinegar, and sometimes wine alongside the requisite mustard seeds. Since three of these four items are often used in sweets, I went ahead and added a scoop of Dijon to my next batch of caramels — and I’m absolutely glad that I did. … Continue reading »

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Recipe: Beautiful, flavorful, versatile cranberry curd

Cranberry Curd (10)
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It’s happening again this year. Beautiful cranberries have emerged at the markets, and they’re calling to me with their signature tartness and never-ending dessert potential. Over time, I’ve repeatedly given into this lure, adding cranberries to numerous recipes and even using holiday cranberry sauce in some of my best-loved cookies. But it didn’t take long before I began craving cranberries in a creamy form — one I could incorporate into an array of desserts and menus.

“Curd” is a rather ugly abbreviation for “custard” — but since it denotes a specific type of custard and is well known for its luscious lemon variety, I’ve adopted it into both my vocabulary and my baking repertoire. I think of curd as, essentially, an indulgent and versatile dessert condiment. … Continue reading »

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