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  • Op-ed: Minimum wage plan is raising bar too far, too fast

    The Berkeley Small Business Alliance supports the need to raise the minimum wage in Berkeley. There is a longstanding history of support for small business in Berkeley as evidenced by its lack of corporate retailers and big-box stores. Berkeley residents are known for their devotion to sustainable restaurants whose chefs buy seasonally from local farmers and ranchers. It’s the small mom and pop shops that make Berkeley feel like a small town and are the backbone of the local economy.

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  • Support your high school and have some fun at BHS Live

    Fancy lunch with Robert Reich? Or perhaps you’d prefer to break bread with both Berkeley High Principal Pasquale Scuderi and Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan? How about a getaway weekend in an architecturally stunning home in Healdsburg or a simple “tree house” with views of Tomales Bay?

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  • The Monthly turns 40

    The Monthly, (formerly known as The Telegraph Monthly, the Berkeley Monthly, and the East Bay Monthly) turns 40 in October and has put out an anniversary edition pondering the question “What Makes the East Bay Unique?

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