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Khodorkovsky: Where money meets power meets jail

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once the richest man in Russia, an oligarch who worked hand in glove with the Kremlin while filling his pockets with rubles in the heady post-Soviet Union days of the late 20th century. Khodorkovsky, however, fell out of favor when his thirst for wealth began to impinge on the nationalist policies of President Vladimir Putin.

The strange but true story of this multi-billionaire is told in Khodorkovsky, a new documentary from German director Cyril Tuschi. (The film, originally booked to open this Friday, February 24th at Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas, will now only be playing at San Francisco’s Opera Plaza).

Born in 1963, Khodorkovsky was a chemistry student and eager Komsomol (Communist Youth League) member during the early 1980s. His favorite novel was a piece of agit-prop entitled How the Steel Was Tempered; his dorm room prominently featured a portrait of Lenin. His future as an apparatchik seemed all but assured. … Continue reading »

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