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Street art’s Endless Canvas makes good with community

Special Delivery-2 by Dyanna Fang
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The organizer of an underground graffiti show that attracted thousands of people to west Berkeley on Sept. 8 has helped ensure that tagging that appeared on many neighborhood buildings after the exhibition has been covered over.

The Special Delivery Bay Area 2012 event, which was orchestrated by Endless Canvas, saw dozens of street artists blanket the interior of the Carbon Warehouse in the former Flint Ink building at 1350 Fourth Street with graffiti and spray-painted artworks. Its organizer, who declines to reveal his name, told Berkeleyside that, once it was apparent that tagging had been done after the show, he personally walked the neighborhood cleaning it up, along with “a large group of muralists who were featured in the exhibit who volunteered on their own accord to buff out the amateur tagging around the neighborhood.” … Continue reading »

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Berkeley buildings defaced after graffiti event

Photo 5
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Following an underground graffiti event that drew thousands of people to a vacant west Berkeley warehouse on Saturday, September 8, many buildings in the area were tagged leaving their owners and local residents dismayed.

The event, called “Special Delivery” and organized by Endless Canvas, took place in the Carbon Warehouse in the old Flint Ink building at 1350 Fourth Street between 6 p.m. and midnight on Saturday. Over the past few weeks, the interior of the 36,000 sq ft building has been covered with tags and street art by dozens of local graffiti artists. The warehouse, which has been vacant since 1999, has been a draw for graffiti artists for years, but this orchestrated “happening” was seen as a last gasp before the building is cleaned up and put to use by its owner, Alan Varela, owner of ProVen Management.

But on Sunday, the neighborhood also woke up to the sight of graffiti on many exterior walls of buildings across several blocks. The back walls of 1360 Fifth Street, which houses photovoltaic testing lab PVEL, and 1321 Fifth Street, home to Gingko Press, now sport dozens of multi-colored scrawls. There are tags on the Trumer Pils building at 1404 Fourth Street, on the Donkey & Goat winery, on the walls of expedition gear retailer SlingFin on the corner of Fifth and Gilman, as well as on many doorways of small businesses in the area. According to the Berkeley Police, they received reports from 13 victims of vandalism, and an investigation is under way.

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