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Berkeley library welcomes back yarnbombing on racks

Yarn bombing N Library
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Some stories do have happy endings. Readers may remember in April when something of a brouhaha erupted over the “yarnbombing” of a bicycle rack outside Berkeley’s North Branch Library.

Local yarnbomber Streetcolor had decorated the circular racks before the grand reopening of the library, but the knitting was removed by librarians concerned over the distraction it might cause when they wanted all attention to be focused on the beautifully remodeled building.

Donna Corbeil, Director of Library Services, said at the time that it was  important for the community to experience “the completed project fully, without anything covered up or altered since it was the grand reopening.”

She also added, however, that the library would be glad to talk to the anonymous street artist about putting the yarn back up at a future date. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley library not thrilled about yarnbombing

Yarnbombing NBPL by Streecolor
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One creative contribution to the newly reopened North Branch Library was not seen by the crowds of supporters who turned up on Saturday to celebrate the library’s return to service. Local “yarnbomber” Streetcolor had made some custom knitted coverings for the new circular bike racks outside the library — but they barely saw the light of day as they were quickly removed by librarians displeased with the rogue artistic action.

Streetcolor, who likes to remain anonymous and has created many stealth knitting installations around the Bay Area and beyond, said she spent a couple of months spinning and knitting the covers for the curvy bike racks. She put them up on Friday night. “Lots of locals stopped to take pictures and thank us,” she said. But, on the morning of the reopening on Saturday, when she drove by to take pictures, the yarn had been taken down, she said.

Yarnbombing, like any unauthorized street art in public spaces, is illegal, but the Berkeley community has generally welcomed installations in the city in the past — at least as expressed in the many hundreds of comments our stories on the subject have garnered. Not everyone loves it, however, and some have expressed concern about how the yarn fares long term, exposed as it is to the elements. Most installations are taken down after a few weeks. … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley? Valentine’s Special

Update: 4:58 pm: Ta da! We have a winner! Alan Aki correctly guessed four of the photos above at 10:42 am this morning. He will be the lucky recipient of a box of bon-bon chocolates from Casa Des Chocolates. Congratulations Alan.

Thanks to all those who played today.

And here are the answers:

1. Tennis courts at on Hopkins and Carlotta
2. Crowden School Sacramento
3. Chain links fence near Jimmy Beans on 6th Street
4. Sawtooth building at Dwight and 8th Street
5. Safeway construction on Shattuck Avenue
6. Children’s playground near King’s Middle School … Continue reading »

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A yarn-bombed seat on the Berkeley-San Francisco BART

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Just as BART is considering how to design new seats for its trains — including what covers to use — local yarnbomber Streetcolor has come up with a suggestion.

Streetcolor, whose most recent major Berkeley installation was the looped bike rack outside the downtown Berkeley Public Library, said she wanted to knit “something really big and ambitious” and hence came up with the BART idea.

“I had been reading about how scary the Bart seats had gotten and I could see for myself that the seats covers were drab and depressing. I thought it would be startling to see really bright clean knitting on a seat instead,” she wrote on her Streetcolor blog.

The Bay Citizen recently ran a series of stories on BART seats, highlighting how unhygienic, even potentially unhealthy, the old seating stock is. It kicked off its coverage on March 5 with a piece that revealed lab tests showing seats contained fecal and skin-borne bacteria resistant to antibiotics. … Continue reading »

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A squiggly bike rack gets a woolly makeover in Berkeley

bike rack knit 2
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On Saturday afternoon, another of Berkeley’s permanent structures was given a woolly makeover — as yarn-bombing artist Streetcolor and her assistant went to work on the bike rack in front of the former Black Oak Books store on Shattuck Avenue.

A crowd gathered to watch the creation come to life, and Streetcolor tells us many of them made a point of thanking her for what she did for Berkeley. “We were touched. A lot of people stopped and watched. And talked to us. We came out at two in the afternoon on Saturday so we could have a lot of interaction,” she says. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley ‘Street’ named for young boy killed by car

A new memorial for Zachary Cruz
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Berkeleyside has been following the evolution of the stop sign at the corner of Derby and Warring, where 5-year old Zachary Michael Cruz was killed Feb. 27, 2009 while crossing the street. It was a terrible tragedy, one that continues to play out at the stop sign that has become a defacto memorial.

In the year following Cruz’s death, the the stop sign was continually decorated with notes and flowers. Then it became moribund. Then in early November, the … Continue reading »

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Memorial to 5-year-old revived

Photo courtesy of Streetcolor
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After the one-year anniversary of the death of five-year old Zachary Michael Cruz, who was hit by a car while crossing  Warring Street at Derby in February 2009, the impromptu memorial to him went moribund.

During the year leading up to the anniversary, family members and friends had been placing bouquets, balloons, toys, and photos at a stop sign at that corner. It was a touching reminder of a life cut short, and served as a warning for motorists … Continue reading »

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Yarn bombers decorate Elmwood district

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The yarn bombers descended into the Elmwood district on Monday and left behind some colorful decorations. They also put yarn wraps around the Rose Garden last week. For more photos, look here.

The artist who calls herself Streetcolor said these yarn sculptures were inspired by the work of a glass artist named Klaus Moje. “I pick out a piece of an artist I like and duplicate their colors exactly,” … Continue reading »

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Inside the mind of an (anonymous) yarn bomber

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Berkeleyside has been following the city’s yarn bombing movement since May when KnittaPlease conducted a stealth knitting operation on a piece of public art on the Berkeley-Oakland border. Another anonymous graffiti knitter, Streetcolor, has emerged more recently and focuses on covering sign- and lamp-posts, mostly in Berkeley.

Streetcolor’s latest work can be seen on Fourth Street. We tracked Streetcolor down to find out more about the story behind these somewhat illicit, often whimsical, pieces of street art.

Continue reading »

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