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5 Berkeley stories you won’t want to miss

Inti and Pedro Carrasco. Inti is 6 months old. His name means sun in Quechuan. Pedro: “I’m from Peru and I like my culture. They were very smart. I want to show my son where I come from and teach him how to speak Quechuan. Me: “What hopes to you have for your son Inti?” “I would like him to be multilingual so he could help other immigrants.”
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Each week, Berkeleyside publishes dozens of articles about what’s going on in Berkeley. You’re busy — some of them might have passed you by. Here are five stories, including the photo feature indicated above, we think you’ll want to catch up on. 

2. Neighbors nix a new Starbucks opening in Berkeley

There will be no grande frappuccinos for local residents, and nearby Alta Bates employees and patients, after the sheer persistence of local residents and business owners saw … Continue reading »

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