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  • How Quirky is Berkeley? Relief sculpture

    There is a lot of bas relief sculpture in Berkeley and almost all of it is quite beautiful. Here's a look at just some the gems that we may often walk right by without noticing.

  • How Quirky is Berkeley? The rocks fall up on Fifth Street

    Around the corner from Doug Heine's sculpture studio and house with an airplane crashing into the roof, and just south on Fifth Street from the home of Rob Garross with a caboose in the driveway, is a collection of balanced rocks and a trapezoid-ish raised gravel bed small world.

  • How Quirky is Berkeley? Post-it art at the Tioga Building

    As the Stonefire building rises from the dust of the Firestone tire dealership on Milvia Street, just south of University Avenue, young people in tech companies on the fourth and second floors of the office building at 2020 Milvia gifted to the street Post-it art on the office windows. [Eds: The art was there last time we checked — but it’s temporary in its nature, so it may now be gone, and this post will exist to have documented this particular quirk.] In any case, the rapidly rising Stonefire development will likely have blocked our view of most of the post-it art by now. Too bad! (more…)

  • How Quirky is Berkeley? Stefen’s murals

    From 1974 until 1977, the mural shown above was on the long wall (25′ by 90′) at the southeast corner of Milvia and University, then a Dutch Boy Paint store, now Au Coquelet. The design and execution were by Stefen. Jeff Dayton painted some of the solid-color areas. Gary Graham painted the Dutch Boy figure, a portrait of Stefen. (more…)

  • How Quirky is Berkeley? Rainbows!

    Editors — Berkeleyside readers have been sharing some wonderful photographs of rainbows with us recently, so we thought it was timely to publish this Quirky Berkeley post.