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Berkeley High Principal Pasquale Scuderi takes to Twitter

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Students may be still enjoying long lie-ins and hours of minimal activity, but for Berkeley school faculty, the vacations are all but over as they prep for the new semester.

Witness Berkeley High Principal Pasquale Scuderi who has opened a Twitter account (@bhsinfo) and is already well at ease with the medium, providing information on dates class schedules will be available, details of assessments being devised by staff — even putting out recruitment notices.

Scuderi has … Continue reading »

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A councilmember takes to Twitter, other officials lag

Kriss Worthington's Twitter page
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Councilmember Kriss Worthington took to the Twitterverse on Thursday, and he did so with a vengeance.

Worthington signed up for Twitter in the morning, and began sending out a steady stream of tweets. “Congratulations to Berkeley High RISE students (EBAYC) on filming immigration documentary “The Next Step,” was one tweet. “Pinkberry’s grand opening on Telegraph Avenue happening soon!” was another.

By evening he had sent out 15 messages to his nine followers (Two of whom are Berkeleyside reporters).

“I just signed up today,” said Worthington. “We won’t send out quite so many every day, but in a burst of enthusiasm we sent out a bunch today. We’ll sort of find a pace how much to send and how much to be humorous and how much to be serious. We’ll be working on that.”

(The “we” must mean his staff is helping with his tweets). … Continue reading »

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Alice Waters goes to Twitter HQ, to tweet

Alice Waters.
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Sitting in front of a laptop nursing a herbal tea at the Chez Panisse Café, or perhaps pulling up a chair at the kitchen table or even a straightforward desk, is not the way Alice Waters intends to use her brand new Twitter account.

Instead, Waters is traveling across the Bay to the Twitter offices in San Francisco this afternoon in order to post a tweet.

This won’t be her inaugural tweet because that was sent out at around 10:30am today informing us of the fact her second tweet would be “coming soon”.

The “big announcement” which was being heralded last week by Waters’ staff — and which the foodie world (the food mediaMichael Pollan and Ruth Reichl included) is seemingly waiting for with bated breath — focuses on the arrangements for Chez Panisse’s 40th birthday celebrations and the concurrent campaign to support the Edible Schoolyards that are popping up all over the nation. … Continue reading »

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Alice Waters joins Twitter, in a tasteful way

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 11.42.15 AM
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Alice Waters has joined Twitter, and in a way only Waters can: with style and a splash.

Her brand new Twitter page – apparently launched on Thursday – is decorated with red chickens daintily pecking the ground for food. How Alice.

And even though she hasn’t sent out a single tweet, and is only following Chez Panisse and The Edible Schoolyard, she already has more than 1,400 followers. They include some of the big names … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley student proved pivotal in the rise of Twitter

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Photo: Joi Ito/Creative Commons.
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It was a one-word tweet that did it. The word was “Arrested” and it was posted on April 10, 2008 by UC Berkeley J-School grad student James Buck who was in Egypt photographing anti-government protests, and ended up getting detained by the police.

Unwittingly, Buck played a pivotal role in the development of micro-blogging service Twitter, which until then had been seen primarily as a social tool — but from that moment on was viewed as having the power to change society.

At least that’s how Twitter co-founder Biz Stone sees it — as he explained to NPR’s Terry Gross on Fresh Air yesterday.

Stone said he first realized that Twitter could be used as a global organizing tool when Buck was arrested while covering the protests in Egypt — three years before Twitter was to play a key role in demonstrations in the same country which, this time, toppled the head of state.

Even though he was from the Bay Area, Buck had not heard of Twitter. It was Egyptian friends who told him about how they were using the service to organize protests and led Buck to sign up. After Buck tweeted the word “Arrested” on his way to the police station, his friends in California read it and were able to call the consulate and Egyptian authorities and help secure his release. His next tweet was simply “Freed.” … Continue reading »

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Homeless in Berkeley, one tweet at a time

Twitter novelist Doug Sovern
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“Sat on grass right under sign that says ‘no sitting on median’. No1 seems to care as long as u have asiago/roma/arugula slice in hand.”

Most Berkeleyans can probably pinpoint the reference in that Tweet to the median strip on Shattuck next to the Cheeseboard. What’s more surprising is those 134 characters are part of the Twitter era’s equivalent of an epistolary novel (think Samuel Richardson and Clarissa and Pamela), written by KCBS Radio journalist Doug Sovern. TweetHeart is written in the voice of Zoe, a young woman living rough on the streets of Berkeley.

Sovern decided to write a novel all in tweets after he crashed his bike on Grizzly Peak and was recovering with some broken ribs. There have been numerous other novels written on Twitter, but Sovern reckons his is the first to attempt a novel that consists entirely of tweets, just as Richardson wrote novels consisting entirely of letters in the 18th century). He started the novel on January 11 and plans to finish on November 11 (11/11/11). … Continue reading »

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Berkeley tweeters part 2: They’re out there

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Earlier this month we took a look at well-known Berkeley tweeters. We identified those who do — among them Dave Winer and Markos Moulitsas — those who sort of do, such as Michael Pollan, and then we compiled a wish-list of noted Berkeley people who we hope will take to the Twitter-waves.

Of course, our readers then weighed in with many good suggestions of Berkeleyites to follow on Twitter, as well as adding a … Continue reading »

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Real estate

William Wurster homes on both sides of the Bay

Pan use
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A home designed by William Wurster is always going to be worth a second look. Wurster, the co-founder, in 1959, of the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, created eminently livable homes with the sleek aesthetic and early 20th-century modern design touches so beloved of a current generation of architectural enthusiasts.

So beloved for one person, in fact, that he or she was willing to pay $300,000 over the asking price for a … Continue reading »

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To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Ayelet Twitter
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Blogger extraordinaire Dave Winer does it many times a day and nearly 30,000 people follow his every word. Sustainable food guru Michael Pollan thought he was going to do it, but probably found he was too busy and has only graced us with his 140-character apercus 15 times since he launched himself into micro-blogging.

Few of Berkeley’s luminaries seem to have got the Twitter bug. A non-scientific survey reveals Winer (@davewiner*) way out in the … Continue reading »

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Ruth Reichl grabs a Berkeley bite

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Ruth Reichl, the editor of the now defunct Gourmet Magazine, is on her way to Napa for a street food fest. But as she swung through Berkeley half an hour ago she found time to stop and grab something to eat — and to tweet about it:

Stopped in Berkeley for soft, spicy, lime-rich pork tacos to eat, messily, as I drove to Napa’s Streetfood Conference. Covered in hotsauce.

So where did she go Berkeleyites? The Twittersphere … Continue reading »

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