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Joyce Goldstein dinner launches ‘Illuminoshi’ group

Famed chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein talked about Mediterranean Jewish food to the Illuminati, a new group of Jewish food professionals, on April 5. Photo:
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Joyce Goldstein probably couldn’t have picked a tougher crowd to showcase recipes from her newest cookbook than the 75 people who gathered at Covenant Winery in Berkeley on April 5.

The people who munched and mingled in the large room right next to where Covenant makes and blends its kosher wine were self-described Jewish food professionals. They had come together formally for the first time that night as the “Illuminoshi,” a name they chose after deciding the “Bay Area Jewish Food Professionals,” was too bland.

There were winemakers and grape growers and caterers and writers and specialty food producers. There were personal chefs, food justice workers, teachers, PR mavens, and culinary tour operators. Noah Alper, the founder of Noah’s Bagels, was there. Alice Medrich, the chocolate and dessert maven, was too. The man who helped invent Cap’n Crunch, Chaim Gur-Arieh (who is now a winemaker), was also mingling. Others on the invite list included Mike Rose, the co-owner of Semifreddi’s, the restaurant owner and caterer Hugh Groman, Dafna Kory from INNA Jam, Andrew Stoloff of Rubicon Bakery, and Tal Safran, the co-founder of Josephine.

In short, Goldstein was facing Jews who knew their food. … Continue reading »

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Proposal to convert, expand UC Press building for offices

UC Press rendering. Image: DEVI DUTTA ARCHITECTURE, INC.
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Berkeley’s Zoning Adjustments Board will consider a proposal Thursday that would see the UC Press building at 2120 Berkeley Way renovated into a modern 6-story office building with the addition of three new stories.

The proposal, submitted by the Rhoades Planning Group, with a design by Berkeley’s Devi Dutta Architecture, was originally submitted to the city in September and has been reviewed by the Design Review Committee.

The plan would retain the existing building, but “completely upgrade and modernize [its] interior while preserving the façade on the first three floors and adding three new levels above,” according to the project documents. The remodel of the former publishing house, which is located between Shattuck Avenue and Walnut Street, would create open floor plans, allowing for greater light, install new skylights, windows and building systems. … Continue reading »

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Why do people spend more than they can afford?

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“Income inequality forces people of lower or middle income to spend more than they can afford on housing, clothing, and sometimes even food — “

In 2007, UC Press published a book by Robert H. Frank that challenged the conventional wisdom about the causes and effects of income inequality in the United States. Now UC Press has reissued Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class with a new preface by the author. Book reviewer Mal Warwick gives it four out of five stars:

The subject of income inequality took center stage in the public mind only in 2010 with the advent of Occupy Wall Street, but the widening gap between the top 1% and the rest of us had been the subject of fierce debate in economic circles for many years previously. … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

UC Press is moving out of Berkeley in the spring of 2014. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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UC PRESS After 30 years at 2120 Berkeley Way near Shattuck Avenue, the University of California Press is moving this spring to a new location near Lake Merritt in Oakland. One of the reasons for the move is that upcoming construction on the Acheson Commons development will be disruptive, according to Alison Mudditt, the press’s director. The completed apartment complex will surround  UC Press on three sides, and the building will “lose much of our existing natural light,”  she said in a letter. The current building is also not large enough to handle UC Press’ projected growth. “There is no available Class A office space in Berkeley that meets our needs,” Mudditt wrote in a recent newsletter. UC Press plans to lease, not buy, the new space. … Continue reading »

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Remembering Jim Clark, long-time head of UC Press

Clark, Jim
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James H. Clark, director of the University of California Press for 25 years (1977-2002), died on January 14 after a long battle with cancer. He was 81.

Jim Clark was born in Chicago on August 30, 1931, the son of James and Millie Clark.  He served in the Air Force during the Korean War, went to college on the G.I. Bill, and graduated from UC Berkeley.

Clark had a lengthy and distinguished career in publishing, starting in 1960 when he began his life’s work as a sales representative for Prentice Hall in Northern California. Five years later, he was promoted to editor in the company’s New Jersey office. He acquired books in anthropology, sociology, drama, music, and art prior to his subsequent appointment in 1969 as editorial director of the College Division at Harper and Row. One year later, he was named the Division’s vice president and publisher. … Continue reading »

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Book explores importance of Berkeley painter David Park

David Park: Males Nudes at the Water, 1957
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In the 1950s, the San Francisco Bay Area was an epicenter for new thinking and artistic exploration. At the center of this explosion was the painter David Park, whose bold colors and everyday subjects helped usher in a new modernism. In search of a form beyond the then-popular Abstract Expressionism, Park, who tragically died in 1960 at 49, started the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

For more than 20 years San Francisco writer Nancy Boas has been tracking Park’s life. The result is the new David Park: A Painter’s Life, just released by UC Press. Boas interviewed 125 people for the biography, including many of Park’s friends and contemporaries, including the artists Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer Bischoff.

“Richard Diebenkorn was most anxious that I get it right,” said Boas, who is also the author of The Society of Six: California Colorists. “He spoke carefully. He revised and corrected himself, as he does in his painting. I could feel the reverence he had for Park and the deep friendship they had.” … Continue reading »

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With Twain a bestseller, UC Press’ Withey steps down

Photo by Derick Miller
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Lynne Withey has published many of Martin Luther King’s papers and brought the University of California Press into the digital era, but those achievements may be overlooked in favor of a man who has been dead for 100 years.

As Withey, 62, prepares to step down from her post as director of UC Press at the end of December, there are two words buzzing around her: Mark Twain.

UC Press is the publisher of the newly released Autobiography of Mark Twain, which has become a smashing success. The book, compiled by the editors of The Mark Twain Papers at the Bancroft Library, has been on The New York Times bestseller list for eight weeks. On Dec. 18, it was also the No. 1 non-fiction book on the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller list.

That’s quite an exit to make.

Yet, at Withey’s retirement party last week, held in the magnificent Morrison Library on the UC Berkeley campus, Twain was a mere footnote to Withey’s long list of accomplishments. (Although copies of his books and books about him were scattered around the room). Instead, people spoke of Withey’s vision for a university press, her talent for bringing academic work to a broad audience, her deft handling of the challenges of the Internet to publishing, and her calm demeanor.

“Everything Lynne has touched has headed in the direction of success,” said Lawrence Pitts, UC Berkeley provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. “It’s been an exciting ride.” … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

Huge book sale at UC Press

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UC Press, with its amazing selection of reference books, scholarly tomes, art books and fiction, held its annual sale today. (It continues until 5 pm.) It’s called “The Hurt Sale,” because some of the books have bent pages or torn covers. The staff cordoned off a section of Berkeley Way right outside UC Press’ headquarters to set up a “plein air” bookstore. Hardbacks were $10 and paperbacks were just $5.

There was one entire bookshelf … Continue reading »

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Newsweek jumps on Twain bandwagon

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America’s irreverent literary sweetheart Mark Twain graced the cover of Newsweek magazine Monday, adding to a flurry of press hype surrounding the publication of his uncensored autobiography this fall. 

The Newsweek article, which includes a never-before-published excerpt, is not the first to add to the anticipation of the release. Last month, The New York Times ran an article on Twain’s political pointedness in the manuscript, while the London newspaper The Independent published a steamy piece in June (We wrote about it in May). 

The … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

Eagerly awaiting the Mark Twain tell-all

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The entire world, it seems, is waiting for the unveiling of Mark Twain’s autobiography, which the Bancroft Library and UC Press will publish in November, 100 years after Twain’s death. Here PBS’s Spencer Michaels takes a tour of the vault holding the Twain papers.

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UC Berkeley

Gastronomica: where food meets academia

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Did you know that poet Sylvia Plath was passionate about food? Or that Lee Miller, a top 1920s model, fashion photographer, and war correspondent was an excellent cook? Or that there is a a Bengali cooking implement called a bonti?

You would if you read the journal Gastronomica, which will be celebrating its 10th birthday in Berkeley over the next two days.

Gastronomica is published quarterly by UC press and is lauded as the place where food … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

UC Press has new California initiative

Kim Robinson, Regional Publisher UC Press
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Kim Robinson moved to Berkeley a year ago to take a job as regional publisher of UC Press. Her mandate: enhance the number and quality of books published on California and the West.

That might seem obvious for a university press based in Berkeley. But it wasn’t. While UC Press has always published books examining various facets of the West, it made a point not to publish too many for fear it would be labeled a regional rather than … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

Bargains galore at UC Press sidewalk sale

UC Press books close up
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UC Press is holding its annual sidewalk sale today until 5:30pm in front of its offices at 2120 Berkeley Way.

Hardbacks are $10.00 and paperbacks are $5.00. My favorite find? “California Gold Camps,”  by Erwin G. Gudde, who made a career writing books that revealed the origins of the state’s towns. (This books sells for as much as $150 online.)

There are many more current books available, too.  The press is selling books at discount … Continue reading »

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