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Potentially hazardous chemical suicide in Berkeley called for collaborative response, cautious approach

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The death by chemical suicide earlier this week of a former UC Berkeley professor left many in the community reeling with disbelief.

Berkeleyside’s revelation that the person found dead in a room at the Berkeley City Club was Sydney Kustu, who killed herself on her 71st birthday using a potentially deadly chemical called sodium azide, was shocking to those who had known her, including neighbors and friends who remembered her as “friendly,” “kind” and “generous.” The nature of the death was also so unusual that it prompted many who had not known her to take pause. … Continue reading »

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Phone thefts on UC Berkeley campus; UCPD issues alert

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UC Berkeley police is asking the community to be alert for a man who has stolen a phone from the UC Berkeley campus recently.

On Oct. 16, UCPD was contacted by the Recreational Sports Facility regarding an individual causing a disturbance. They responded and found Joseph Dale Lewis (known as Mohammad, Yusuf Ali) in possession of a phone that was reported stolen the previous day in the city of Berkeley. Lewis was arrested and UCPD has requested that the court issue a stay-away order from the UC Berkeley campus.

UCPD requests that if a member of the community sees this person, or any other person who appears to be trespassing with the purpose of committing theft or other crimes on university property, to notify them without delay.

Lewis is described as being 55 years of age, 6 feet in height, weighing 190 lbs., with a bald head. … Continue reading »

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