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1951 Coffee to empower refugees, one cup at a time

1951 Coffee founders Doug Hewitt (far left) and Rachel Taber (far right) with barista trainees. Photo: Courtesy 1951 Coffee
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What goes into a good cup of coffee? Ground beans, hot water and maybe a little cream or sugar?

For Doug Hewitt and Rachel Taber it’s a lot more than that. Friends and former employees of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a humanitarian organization that responds to worldwide crises, Hewitt and Taber see coffee as a venue for social justice.

This fall, they plan to open 1951 Coffee Company, a non-profit coffee shop in Southside Berkeley that will not only provide the community with quality coffee and excellent service, but also with greater awareness of refugees’ stories and a practical means of participating in them. … Continue reading »

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Café Yesterday: Cocoa Puffs and Verve coffee for all

Cafe Yesterday mixes granola and gummi bears.
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When Midwest transplant Ryan Brinson recently set up shop in Berkeley, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Well, that might not be how Brinson, an ordained minister, would characterize it. But the rock and roller with religious roots definitely felt like he had come home.

Brinson, a keyboard-playing long-time preacher in San Diego, decided to switch gears and locations to open Café Yesterday, a nonprofit java joint with a charitable and compassionate community approach — as one might expect from a man of the church. … Continue reading »

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