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Berkeley’s wild turkeys: Is there anywhere they won’t go?

Wild turkeys are part and parcel of daily life in the city of Berkeley. Berkeleyside receives regular updates from our readers of sightings. Sometimes the birds come in pairs, sometimes in large flocks — rarely alone. And, it seems, there is nowhere they will not deign to roam. This past week we have received photos of turkeys on a traffic circle, on a roof, even at the doors of City Hall.

Above: a video by Kim Aronson showing traffic disrupted by turkeys crossing the road (of course!) And below a selection of photos shared with us by readers. … Continue reading »

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Flock of wild turkey poults takes a stroll in Berkeley

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Berkeleyside’s wild turkey watch continues.

According to Neil Mishalov, who took this photo, we see here a mature female turkey taking a flock of turkey poults on a feeding expedition on Cornell Avenue near Hopkins Street on Saturday, July 13. … Continue reading »

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The wild turkeys of Berkeley: Out and about again

Turkeys brighter1
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Is it our imagination, or are the wild turkeys of Berkeley becoming bigger and more prevalent? It was only a couple of weeks ago that we reported on two clusters of the fabulous fowl roaming the streets of Berkeley and Albany. And yesterday a photograph of a group of them happily exploring someone’s roof crossed our radar.

The photos here were sent in by Ty Alper, who was driving down San Pablo Avenue this morning around 8:45 am, and spotted this … Continue reading »

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Gobble gobble: Turkeys roam streets of Berkeley, Albany

Turkeys in Berkeley
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Perhaps buoyed by the passing of Thanksgiving and Christmas — not that the wild variety is often to be found on the plate — turkeys are making their presence known on the residential streets of Berkeley and Albany.

The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon on Stannage Avenue near Dartmouth Street and shows more than a dozen wild turkeys contentedly strutting and grazing on the lawns and sidewalk plantings of Albany.

Below’s image shows another flock spotted in Berkeley on Monday.

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Why did the wild turkey chicks cross the road?

Turkey crossing
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Berkeleyside intern Emily Gordis was walking on Del Mar Avenue in the Berkeley hills when she caught sight of this wild turkey and her two chicks sauntering across the street. How adorable is that?

Update 11.46: Emily sends in the shot below, taken shortly after the one above, which shows just how accommodating our city is to its wildlife residents:


Not Thanksgiving yet

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I’m worried about my kids crossing Ashby at Pine Avenue in the Elmwood. But a wild turkey just ambled placidly down my street and crossed without so much as a by your leave.

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