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In Berkeley: Yarn bombing evolves into bark bombing

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 9.03.21 AM
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Mark Humbert and Karin Evans were walking along the path leading up Claremont Canyon when they spotted this new art form: bark bombing. Some industrious soul had woven strips of bark into a mat and hung it up on a tree. The artist inscribed the name of the piece into one of the strips: “Always Around You.”

Will bark bombing be the new yarn bombing, a practice that took off in Berkeley over the past few years? What lasts longer, yarn or bark? … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley? Valentine’s Special

Update: 4:58 pm: Ta da! We have a winner! Alan Aki correctly guessed four of the photos above at 10:42 am this morning. He will be the lucky recipient of a box of bon-bon chocolates from Casa Des Chocolates. Congratulations Alan.

Thanks to all those who played today.

And here are the answers:

1. Tennis courts at on Hopkins and Carlotta
2. Crowden School Sacramento
3. Chain links fence near Jimmy Beans on 6th Street
4. Sawtooth building at Dwight and 8th Street
5. Safeway construction on Shattuck Avenue
6. Children’s playground near King’s Middle School … Continue reading »

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Yarn bombing pops up in the Claremont neighborhood

Yarn bombing Claremont Ave
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Citizen reporter Diana Baker spotted this cozy piece of yarn bombing near Star Grocery on Claremont Avenue, in front of Laszlo’s Furniture & Upholstery.

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A squiggly bike rack gets a woolly makeover in Berkeley

bike rack knit 2
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On Saturday afternoon, another of Berkeley’s permanent structures was given a woolly makeover — as yarn-bombing artist Streetcolor and her assistant went to work on the bike rack in front of the former Black Oak Books store on Shattuck Avenue.

A crowd gathered to watch the creation come to life, and Streetcolor tells us many of them made a point of thanking her for what she did for Berkeley. “We were touched. A lot of people stopped and watched. And talked to us. We came out at two in the afternoon on Saturday so we could have a lot of interaction,” she says. … Continue reading »

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Yarn bombers decorate Elmwood district

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The yarn bombers descended into the Elmwood district on Monday and left behind some colorful decorations. They also put yarn wraps around the Rose Garden last week. For more photos, look here.

The artist who calls herself Streetcolor said these yarn sculptures were inspired by the work of a glass artist named Klaus Moje. “I pick out a piece of an artist I like and duplicate their colors exactly,” … Continue reading »

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Stealth knitters hold ‘T’ party protest

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The stealth knitters who covered the “T” in the Here/There sculpture on the Berkeley-Oakland border held a T/tea party of sorts this weekend. They were protesting the city of Berkeley’s declaration that they must take down the tea cozy cover they put up over the “T,” changing the public art installation to read Here-Here. Sweet Adeline Bakery provided the desserts.

Read Berkeleyside’s earlier coverage of the stealth knitting project.

Video by Richard Parks of The Bay … Continue reading »

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Stealth knitting on public sculpture deemed illegal

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A stealth knitting project which involved creating a cozy cover for a piece of public sculpture on the Berkeley-Oakland border has come to the attention of the authorities who have asked that it be taken down.

We reported last week on the covert night-time “yarn bombing” operation which led to the “Here and There” sculpture on Adeline Street becoming, effectively, “Here and Here” after the letter “T” was given a knitted covering.

Berkeley City’s Civic Arts Coordinator … Continue reading »

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