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A mother’s day, the Berkeley way

Jane Stillwater with her daughter Ruby in the 1970s.
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Jane Stillwater is the quintessential Berkeley mom. After reading our recent coverage of the “Your Mom is So Berkeley” website, she wrote this delightful account of her quintessential Berkeley Mothers’ Day. Stillwater, a grandmother as well as a mom, has four children and lives in Berkeley.

Did you know that there’s a website out now that is completely devoted to jokes about Berkeley moms? Blond jokes and Polish jokes are out now. Berkeley Mom jokes are in. “My mom is so Berkeley that….”

Hey, I’m a Berkeley mom. So when my daughter Ashley and son Joe asked me what I wanted to do for Mothers’ Day this year, I got to thinking about Berkeley. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s drive around Berkeley to all the places we used to hang out at when you guys were kids.” Tot lots? Soccer fields? Elementary schools? No way! My kids had different kinds of memories about their pasts.

First we went to the Caffe Mediterraneum up on Telegraph Avenue, where I used to sit and gossip in the 1970s and drink caffe lattes while my kids played under the table. Other kids may have gone to Blue Fairyland for daycare but not mine!

“My mom was so Berkeley that she raised me at the Med.”

Then we drove by People’s Park. “I was there when we first started to plant its gardens back in 1969,” I told the kids. “I was there for the riots and the tear gas. And I got my picture on the front page of the Berkeley Barb during our victory parade.”

That’s just great. “My mom is so Berkeley that she was a cover girl for the Berkeley Barb….”

Then we drove by the University of California. I always measure my life by this benchmark: “Am I having as much fun now as I did while going to Cal back in the 1960s?” And the answer is still always no.

“My mom is so Berkeley that she used to take us to hunger strikes up on Sproul Plaza.” And I still do.

Next we drove down past the old Mandrake’s nightclub, where I first met one of the backup guitarists for a band called Joy of Cooking. Two months later I was pregnant. “That’s not my child and goodbye,” said the lead singer for a band named Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen.

“My mom is so Berkeley that she spends our entire Mothers Day making us listen to stories about when she was a Flower Child.” Damn straight. And before that I was a Beatnik. And don’t you forget it. … Continue reading »

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Your mom is so Berkeley: A picnic in the park

Berkeley mom
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“Your Mom is So Berkeley”, the more than entertaining Facebook group which has blossomed since we first wrote about it in December 2009, is throwing its first big event this weekend — a picnic to which all of those who have memories, fond or otherwise, of their Berkeley moms are invited.

After discovering YMISB, we checked back in March when the group hit 1,000 members. The New York Times read our story and ran its Continue reading »


We all know those “so Berkeley” moms

mom is so berkeley
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It started out as a joke at work, but little did Roberto Santiago (known as Berto) realize the resonance those two words, “Berkeley mom”, would have.

Last week Berto’s Facebook group, “Your Mom is So Berkeley”, welcomed its 1,000th fan (today the number stands at 1,062).  Berkeleyside discovered the group back in December and has been hooked ever since.

Some recent entries testify to how rich this seam is for rib-tickling memories:

My mom is so Berkeley my … Continue reading »

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