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Youth artists bring vibrant mosaics to Berkeley school

Youth artists created two mosaics to increase visibility at the busy intersection near Malcolm X. Photo: Natalie Orenstein
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Two new lively mosaics — one in warm reds and yellows, the other in cool blues and greens — greet passers-by on either end of the Ashby border of Malcolm X Elementary School.

It’s the block where a kindergartener was hit by a car while she was walking to school in 2009. After receiving surgery on her fractured skull, the girl miraculously survived, but the incident shook the community and marked the Ashby and Ellis Street intersection as a danger zone.

Five years later, young artists from Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) placed the final tile on the colorful structures designed to promote safety in the area and notify drivers that they’re near a school. … Continue reading »

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The It List: Five things to do in Berkeley this weekend

Octopus kites at the Berkeley Kite Festival. Photo:
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KITE FESTIVAL The 29th annual Berkeley Kite Fest will take place Saturday and Sunday in César Chavez Park. The free festival will feature kite making and flying lessons, as well as food and craft activities. A traditional Japanese kite-flying team will also be there to showcase their technique. The festival begins at 10 a.m. each day and continues until 6 p.m. Parking in the Berkeley Marina will cost $15. Parking space is limited and the Berkeley Police Department encourages you to take public transit to the event. … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 1.47.54 PM
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YOUTH SPIRIT ARTWORKS Youth Spirit Artworks is moving a few doors down to a new, bigger location in the Lorin District at 1740 Alcatraz Ave. on Oct 1. Executive Director Sally Hindman said the new spot will be shared with a startup company, but that there will still be a great deal more space for the group’s participants. Youth Spirit is a nonprofit that helps homeless and low-income youth from around the Bay Area get involved in crafting studio art and selling it through an enterprise program called the Art Cart. The organization will host a grand opening for its new location in early November. Individuals interested to learn more about the program’s work can drop by for the unveiling of a new mural painted by the center’s youth at Alcatraz and Sacramento Street this Saturday, Sept. 28, from noon to 2 p.m.

THE SAGE CENTERS A new co-working space for people over 50 called The SAGE Centers — not to be confused with the David Brower Center-based SAGE organization, which stands for Sustainable Agriculture Education — is opening at 1454 Sixth St. in West Berkeley. The organization had its grand opening party Sept. 21, but will open its doors officially Oct. 1. The SAGE Centers plans to operate as a business incubator and shared workspace that is “more focused on building relationships between people, rather than human to computer.” The facility also doubles as an educational space where members and non-members can take classes such as “Checking out Your Inner Entrepreneur,” “Vibrant After 50 Support Group” and “Delicious Gluten-free Cooking,” as well as other sessions that deal with brain science, how relationships change, exercise and music. Learn more on The SAGE Centers website. … Continue reading »

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New talks on homelessness in Berkeley start Thursday

Derrick Coetzee
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Thursday evening, the Berkeley Task Force on Homelessness will begin a new community-driven process designed to explore homelessness in Berkeley, and how it might be addressed thoughtfully and humanely.

Initiated by Councilman Jesse Arreguín, the task force was created “to continue the much-needed conversation on homelessness after Measure S, which would have banned sitting on commercial sidewalks, narrowly failed last fall,” according to a statement released by Arreguín’s office Wednesday. The task force arose as an alternative way to address homelessness.  … Continue reading »

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Edy Boone: A life spent inspiring others captured on film

Edy Boone
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If you have lived in Berkeley for a while, you have probably crossed paths with Edythe Boone. A spry 74-year old with a quick laugh, Boone has worked as a counsellor and as a health activist, and taught art at several local schools, including currently at Berkwood Hedge and West Oakland Middle School. With her warm personality, she imbues the very young, as well as the very old, with the spirit of creativity. She also transforms lives.

The results of her work can be seen on our cities’ walls. She collaborated on the “Let a Thousand Parks Bloom” mural at People’s Park, and, in conjunction with Berkeley’s Youth Spirit Artworks, the “Music on our Minds” mural at the corner of Ellis and Alcatraz. She also worked on the well-known “Maestrapeace” which graces the façade of the San Francisco Women’s Building, and on the “We Remember” AIDS mural in San Francisco’s Balmy Alley. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley neighborhood reacts to violent crime in its midst

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On Feb. 10, David Thornton was walking home from Ashby BART at around 11:30 p.m. after attending an event in San Francisco. Heading to his home, where he has lived for more than 10 years, he felt himself being followed. Thornton quickened his step, but then saw another man walking on the other side of the street. A few minutes later, the two men sped up their pace and Thornton was ambushed.

“David did not want to make as if he was coming to the house,” explained his wife, Catherine Huchting, “because he knew our dog would begin to bark and I would open the front door — and he feared one of us would end up dead.”

The two men began to beat Thornton violently with a gun on his chest and face. The pistol whipping was so severe it caused multiple facial fractures. The assailants fled without stealing anything. Thornton was left to crawl home bleeding profusely. He whispered to his wife to call 911. … Continue reading »

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Neighborhood revival: Kick-starting the Lorin district

Ed Roberts campus
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May 1 marks the re-launching of a neighborhood — and a chance to celebrate lots of new happenings in the Lorin district, Berkeley’s lowest income, most economically depressed neighborhood, where over 30% of residents live below the poverty line.

The Adeline Street Merchants Association is setting up shop again. Soon to open is the Ed Roberts Campus, an international center for people with disabilities (rendered above — it doesn’t quite look like that yet, but it’s nearly there). … Continue reading »

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Sourced: How those mosaic bollards came to be

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Kim Weisberg’s post on Friday, about the mosaic bollards on Ashby and Fulton, prompted a wealth of responses. Among them, the person behind the mosaic bollard transformation herself, Lisa Bullwinkel, who got in touch via the Comments section. Here’s what she has to say:

How lovely to be appreciated! I think a lot of us in town do a whole lot of wonderful things and no one ever says thanks, so this is great!

I work at … Continue reading »

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