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20 savory and sweet recipes for fall

Spiced pear sandwich cakes. Photo: Moriah VanVleet
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All that rain over the weekend has us thinking about pulling out our sweaters and cranking on the oven. Yet even if the weather turns warm again — as it likely will — it’s hard to deny the incoming mountains of winter squash, apples and persimmons at East Bay farmers markets. In that spirit, we recommend embracing fall with some of Nosh’s most delicious seasonal recipes from contributors Uproot Kitchen, Butter Sugar Flowers, Dining with Dostoevsky, Yummy Supper and Bay Area Bites. We’ve got you covered from morning to night, with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and any snacking you’d need to do in between. … Continue reading »

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Celebrate the arrival of spring with these recipes

Nasturtium Fingerprint Cookies. Photo: Moriah Van Vleet
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After that heat wave we had last week, it is starting to feel like spring has sprung — even if the warm weather only comes in short bursts. Regardless, we can still embrace the season by cooking with all of the spring vegetables that are starting to show up at farmers markets throughout the East Bay. For a little inspiration after hitting the market, here’s a collection of our favorite springtime recipes. We’ve got ideas for dinner, sides, snacks and (of course) plenty of dessert. Our recipes come from a range of contributors, so you’ll find ideas from Uproot Kitchen, Dining with Dostoevsky, Yummy Supper, Butter Sugar Flowers and Bay Area Bites.  … Continue reading »

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Easy, superfood recipe: Quinoa and kale patties

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.32.47 PM
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After six years of growing food in our backyard, we’re finally really getting what works and what doesn’t. It pained us to tear out our entire raspberry patch when we accepted that it just wasn’t getting enough sun. But when it comes to greens and herbs, we can rock them all year round.

Kale is still the family fave and we have a whole bed devoted to growing all sorts of varietals — now we don’t even have to make a trip to the market to procure some tasty greens. This makes my inner lazy cook especially happy! … Continue reading »

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Early fall recipe: fig tartlets with herbs and honey

These fig tartlets are not quite sweet and not quite savory, living in a delicious realm in between. Photo: Erin Scott
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Figs are on my mind. A quick glance out our kitchen door and you see a massive fruit tree, our very happy fig. No matter how we trim it back, hack at it, attempt to tame its exuberance, the tree just grows, thrives and reaches for the sun. Early fall is its time of glory.

Our resident squirrel fights me for every fig that ripens on our tree. (I admit… I do a little cheer whenever I win the battle.) Needing so much fruit for these tarts, I didn’t have enough backyard figs on hand. Thankfully, Berkeley’s Monterey Market’s plenty came to my rescue with these delicious black mission beauties.

Today’s fig tartlets are not quite sweet and not quite savory, living in a delicious realm in between. The cream cheese and crunch of cornmeal in the crust tease out the earthy quality of the figs, and a drizzle of honey heightens the fruit’s juicy, natural sweetness. I’m always a fan of recipes that work any time of day and these tartlets are wonderful for breakfast, tea, an appetizer, or a not-too-sweet dessert. … Continue reading »

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Bites: Alcohol-free bar set for Berkeley (say what?)

Kava. Photo: Emilie Raguso
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Openings, closings…

BERKELEY’S FIRST ALCOHOL-FREE BAR? Nosh has the scoop about a business that hopes to be Berkeley’s “first and only alcohol-alternative bar.” It’s called MeloMelo Kava Bar and is aiming to open on University Avenue at McGee. The owner is Berkeley resident Nicolas Rivard, according to a permit application posted on the city of Berkeley website. Rivard says in the application that “We will be serving Kava, tea, and kombucha in a relaxed, yet enticing, setting.” For those not in the know, kava is a Polynesian plant, the roots of which are “used to produce a drink with sedative and anesthetic properties,” says Wikipedia. The business is seeking a parking waiver for two spots, given its proximity to transit, bike-friendly features (vertical wall-mounted bike racks), and an employee bus pass program. Writes Rivard, “Although we anticipate this to be a wild success, being the first and only Kava bar location in the Bay Area, we will ensure that the impact on the convenience for the community will be kept to a minimum.” The business does not plan to serve food “or any coffee bean related products.” MeloMelo has asked for operating hours of noon to midnight seven days a week, has proposed seating for 27 in the 1,200-square-foot space, and expects to have three employees. According to a brief business profile on gust.com, Andrew Procyk is a co-owner, and Anneliese Valery is the manager. The trio says MeloMelo will “provide an alternative to coffee houses and alcohol bars. We aspire to nothing less than changing the way Americans work — and how they spend their leisure hours in more productive and healthy ways.” MeloMelo Kava Bar hopes to open at 1701 University Ave. in Berkeley. Update, Sept. 12: Learn more about MeloMelo on its website.Continue reading »

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100 yummy recipes from a gluten-free omnivore

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.52.10 AM
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Writer and photographer Erin Scott has just published her first book, titled Yummy Supper, which offers 100 “fresh, luscious and honest recipes from a (gluten-free) omnivore.” The book grew from Scott’s popular blog of the same name. We asked the Berkeley resident to spill the beans on her inspirations, what the deal is with gluten free, and where she likes to source her food locally.

The new book is gorgeous. What did you set out to achieve when you wrote/photographed it?

Thank you! I wanted to make a book full of recipes that are fresh, delicious, and accessible to a wide range of home cooks. I looked at photography as a powerful way to draw people into the kitchen and encourage them to cook –a well-written recipe can be enticing, of course, but photography is an unbeatable tool to whet someone’s appetite.

The book stemmed from your Yummy Supper blog. When and why did you start writing that?

I accidentally fell into blogging back in the summer of 2009. At that point, I didn’t even know how blogs worked and I’d always been a bit suspicious of technology, but I was looking for a friendly forum to share recipes with other food-loving friends and a blog seemed like a good vehicle.

I’d been diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008 and at first felt very isolated in this food-obsessed town of ours. I started Yummy Supper because I was looking to reconnect with folks around the joy of cooking simple, seasonal foods, to look beyond my dietary limitation and create a delicious common ground for sharing recipes with other food lovers, gluten-free or not. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley food blogger serves up gluten-free food for all

Erin Scott
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Food, portrait, and lifestyle photographer Erin Scott, who lives in North Berkeley, is the voice behind the popular blog Yummy Supper, a source for simple, seasonal, and gluten-free recipes accompanied by sumptuous photos that would whet any eater’s appetite — the gluten-free or not.

Scott is also currently recipe testing for her upcoming cookbook, The Yummy Supper: 100 Fresh, Luscious, and Honest Recipes from a (Gluten-Free) Omnivore.

Many of her ideas feature ingredients picked from her backyard garden, which boasts fragrant herbs, salad and saute greens, and citrus trees.

Scott’s images has been featured on the food porn sites foodgawker and tastespotting and her recipes and photography have gotten nods from sites such as Gourmet Live, Glamour, and Fine Cooking.

With a background in fashion and design, and as the former co-owner of the clothing store August in Oakland, Scott never thought she’d end up spending most days in the kitchen taking pictures.

But her dad gave her a leather-bound Polaroid when she was little so she started snapping photos at an early age.  Scott also enjoyed cooking beside her mom as a young child, and planning, making, and eating a nourishing supper has brought pleasure ever since.

Over nectarine friands and lemon verbena tea, Scott, 41, spoke with Berkeleyside this week about her blog, pending cookbook, and eating well with her husband and two kale-munching kids. … Continue reading »

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