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Berkeley post office protesters defy order to move

Violence broke out at the protest against the closure of the main post office on Allston Way.  . Photo: Eden Teller
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Participants at the sleep-in to save the Berkeley post office on Allston Way have been asked to move by postal inspectors, but many are staying despite the threat.

Jeff Fitch, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, said the organization is “not asking the protesters to leave” but rather asking them to move to the sidewalk, which is public property. The protesters are currently trespassing on federal property by camping out on the post office steps, he said.

“We are all for First Amendment rights,” said Fitch.
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5 Berkeley mayoral candidates face off at local forum

Mayoral candidates1-001
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Five of Berkeley’s six mayoral candidates faced off on Monday night in a bid to persuade a slice of the Berkeley populace that they were best suited to lead the city for the next four years.

No one issue dominated the discussions, but some of those being debated included the proposed sidewalk sitting ordinance, the city’s unfunded liabilities and how it spends its money, how to boost business locally, the town-gown relationship, and the achievement gap in the school system.

An estimated 150 people turned out to St John’s Presbyterian Church in Berkeley on an unusually warm evening to hear incumbent Mayor Tom Bates and challengers Council Member Kriss Worthington, local business woman Jacquelyn McCormick, Cal adjunct professor Bernt Wahl, and activist Zachary RunningWolf, share their vision and address questions from a panel of journalists as well as from the audience. (The sixth registered candidate, Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi, did not attend.) … Continue reading »

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Community gathers after murder, quizzes Berkeley police

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An estimated 150-200 people turned out on Thursday evening to Northbrae Community Church on The Alameda in north Berkeley to ask the Berkeley Police Department about their response to the Feb. 18 murder of Park Hills resident Peter Cukor.

There was a palpable sense of anxiety in the room as the meeting got under way and a significant media presence, with several TV crews as well as print and digital journalists in attendance.

When Councilmember Susan Wengraf opened by saying questions would be taken on written cards, there were shouts of dismay and hostile accusations leveled by several members of the audience.

However, once the meeting progressed, the mood became calmer and there were even moments of levity. Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan received several rounds of applause from an audience that generally skewed towards the over-50s. … Continue reading »

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Running Wolf promotes tree-sit in People’s Park

Matthew Dodt, "Midnight Matthew" on his tree platform/Photo: Lance Knobel
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Zachary Running Wolf, who participated in the long-running tree sit near Cal’s Memorial Stadium and who ran for mayor of Berkeley in 2008, has started is promoting a tree sit in the northeast corner of People’s Park. A tree sitter Running Wolf ascended the tree late last night and built a platform about 40 feet up, to protest what he sees as the ongoing destruction of People’s Park by the university.

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