Police search for man with possible rifle in Berkeley park

A man was seen with what appeared to be a long gun slung on his back in Codornices Park on Thursday March 20, 2014. Photo: scarlatti2004

Berkeley Police conducted an extensive search in the Codornices Park area this morning after receiving a call about a man walking in the park, carrying what looked like a rifle.

According to Berkeley Police spokeswoman Officer Stephanie Polizziani, BPD received a call at approximately 9:15 a.m. of a report of “a male walking in Codornices Park with what appeared to be a long gun slung on his back.”

After what Polizziani described as an extensive search, BPD were not able to locate him.

Josh Rotenberg was out running in the North Berkeley hills at around 10:10 a.m when he came across two Berkeley police officers with rifles drawn at the top of the Tamalpais path (at Tamalpais Road).

“Needless to say I didn’t go that way,” Rotenberg told Berkeleyside.

Rotenberg said the police presence was significant.

“I went down to Euclid and then north and there were tons of cops everywhere,” he said.

Rotenberg saw at least two cruisers parked on Euclid across from the Rose Garden, and a BPD SUV “driving slowly back and forth” on Euclid. He also spotted two SUVs parked at the driveway by the baseball field/reservoir area, as well as several officers on foot, and another cruiser parked on Eunice.

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This story was updated as new information became available.

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Tracey Taylor is co-founder and editorial director at Berkeleyside. Email: tracey@berkeleyside.com.