3 men charged after Berkeley beating, stun gun assault

A crowd waiting outside 924 Gilman in 2010 (file photo). Photo: Daniel Gies
A crowd waiting outside 924 Gilman in 2010 (file photo). Photo: Daniel Gies

Three men have been charged with battery, and one with assault with a stun gun, after an attack on a former friend outside a West Berkeley music club in March, according to authorities.

According to court papers, Jackson Achorn, Jack Moore and Devin Schorger assaulted their former friend outside 924 Gilman St. on March 14. Police who responded for a report of a fight found a motorcycle in the street, and the victim’s property — including a bicycle — scattered on the ground.

The victim told police that Schorger had punched and choked him, while Moore “helped during the assault.” Achorn, 20, of Berkeley reportedly joined in the assault by using a stun gun on the man’s legs.

The victim’s girlfriend confirmed his account, adding that Moore had kicked him twice in the stomach, and Schorger “tazed the Victim twice,” according to court papers.

Officers said they found a pink stun gun in Achorn’s pocket during a search.

Police arrested all three at around 1:15 a.m. on March 14.

Police said the victim “sustained severe facial injuries” from the beating, including a swollen nasal bridge, “large bruising” and lacerations beneath his eye.

No information was provided as to what prompted the attack.

The Alameda County district attorney’s office on March 17 charged Achorn, Moore and Schorger with misdemeanor battery. Achorn also was charged with misdemeanor assault with a stun gun.

The men are no longer in custody, but are scheduled to return to court next Wednesday, April 22. Schorger is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing, while the other two are set for an attorney and plea hearing.

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