COVID-19 by the numbers; plus key resources to help you stay informed

Johns Hopkins University has created an interactive map showing global coronavirus cases.

A snapshot of some key COVID-19 statistics in Berkeley and beyond as of Friday, March 27. These numbers change often. Please review linked resources for the latest data.

Lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Berkeley: 16 (up from 14 on Thursday)

How many COVID-19 tests have been done in Berkeley? Unknown

Other confirmed cases or deaths in Alameda County: 204 cases and 4 deaths (up from 164 cases and 4 deaths)

Bay Area cases: 1,648 (up from 1,447)

Bay Area deaths: 36 (up from 32)

Confirmed cases in California: 4,683 (up from 3,786)

Deaths in California: 94 (up from 81)

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COVID-19 tests in California: 88,400 — “At least 23,480 results have been received and another 65,000 are pending”

People self-monitoring in California (as of March 18): 11,900

Total confirmed cases in the U.S.: 104,000 (up from 84,000)

Deaths in the U.S.: 1,478 (up from 1,209)

Cases confirmed globally: 586,000 (up from 532,000)

Death total: 27,000 (up from 24,000)

People known to have recovered globally: 129,000

Age at which health risks increase dramatically: 80

Population in Berkeley that’s 60 or older: Nearly 20%

How far away do you need to be for social distancing: 6 feet

Outreach kits with hand sanitizer Berkeley has given out: 836

Public hand-washing stations deployed around Berkeley: 28

Public health labs testing for COVID-19: 22, along with commercial, provider and academic facilities

Number of ventilators in California: 7,600

Intensive care beds in California: 7,500

Resources about the COVID-19 coronavirus

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