East Bay markets, restaurants and specialty shops that offer grocery delivery

Not everyone can or should head out to buy groceries and there’s lots of demand for home delivery services. Fortunately there are alternatives.

Photo: Marco Verch

While most of us are still able and willing to head out for groceries, not everyone can. The elderly, immunocompromised and other limited mobility or at-risk communities who cannot or should not leave their homes during the pandemic have dwindling options for procuring their basic food needs, especially as the recent high demand for grocery home delivery services like Amazon, Instacart and Good Eggs are low in stock or completely unavailable.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Local markets, specialty stores, wholesalers and even some restaurants are stepping up to offer home delivery of everyday staples. Some deliver through a third party platform (like Mercato or Postmates), others have staff run orders themselves, and some rely on a network of neighborhood volunteers to serve the most vulnerable.

Here is a list of East Bay markets and other businesses currently offering groceries for home delivery. If you know of others we’ve missed, leave a comment below.


Franklin Bros Market

Contact: 901 Bancroft Way, Berkeley; 510-841-0823, franklinbrosmarket.com
What’s offered: a wide range of grocery items can be ordered through an online order form
Minimum required order: none
Service area: no set distance for customer service
Delivery fee: free
More details: Customers will be contacted by email with a delivery time. Delivery is provided by volunteers; time varies depending on their availability. Priority is given to seniors, disabled and immunocompromised people.

Berkeley Organic Market and Deli

Contact: 2642 Ashby Ave., Berkeley; 510-848-2640
What’s offered: produce, groceries and household goods can be ordered by telephone
Minimum required order: none
Service area: Elmwood neighborhood
Delivery fee: free to area seniors, disabled and the immunocompromised residents
More details: Staff sanitizes all products before packaging and delivering groceries. Customers receive a call or text upon arrival. Turn-around time is roughly one hour

Hugh Groman Group/Greenleaf Platters

Contact: 510-647-5165, info@gromangroup.com
What’s offered: Along with prepared foods, the catering group offers basic groceries that can be ordered online
Minimum required order: $160
Service area: Bay Area
Delivery fee: $25 for Berkeley, Oakland; $30 for rest of Bay Area
More details: If the $160 minimum is too steep, Hugh Groman Group says it will take multiple orders from neighbors that place their order together; orders will be delivered to each household

Local Butcher Shop

Contact: 1600 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley; 510-845-6328, thelocalbutchershop.com
What’s offered: The artisanal butcher shop provides delivery (through online platform Mercato) of all its usual meat products, as well as a few other pantry items and ingredients: “Things that go well with meat,” said owner Monica Rocchino, such as herbs, shallots, olive oil, sauerkraut
Minimum required order: $10
Service area: see the full list of eligible zip codes by scrolling to the bottom of the Local Butcher Shop Mercato page
Delivery fee: $6.99-$7.99, depending on time of delivery; Mercato provides unlimited free delivery of orders over 35+ when customers sign up for a paid promotion
More details: turnaround time varies, but same-day delivery is available

Tender Greens

Contact: 2071 University Ave., Berkeley; 510-356-0697, www.tendergreens.com
What’s offered: The fast-casual salad chain offers a selection of groceries via its online order form along with its regular prepared foods menu. Choose from individual prepared foods or boxes of mixed goods that range in price from $20-$65
Minimum required order: $15
Service area: same day delivery is available between 11 a.m.-8 p.m. to customers within a 6 mile radius
Delivery fee: surcharge varies, depending on size and urgency of order
More details: customers can select ASAP service at checkout, with orders typically fulfilled within an hour, or they can schedule contactless delivery

Vintage Berkeley

Contact: www.vintageberkeley.com,  info@vintageberkeley.com
What’s offered: The Berkeley wine purveyor is taking online orders for local home delivery (or shipping) of wines and a small selection of pantry staples, including dried pasta and grains, coffee, olive oil and canned items.
Minimum required order: $50
Service area: within 10 miles of the three Vintage Berkeley wine shops, which includes the East Bay from Richmond to Oakland and some parts of San Francisco
Delivery fee: $25 for orders under $150
More details: Vintage Berkeley will deliver (gloved, masked, no-contact drop) within a 48-hour window — same-day, if possible


Community Foods Market

Contact: 3105 San Pablo Ave.; 510-285-6985 (Community Foods Market), 510-560-6241 (Fresh Life Foundation), info@freshlifefoundation.org; www.communityfoodsmarket.com
What’s offered: Community Foods Market is partnering with Fresh Life Foundation to offer free grocery delivery for residents 65 and older in the Clawson, Hoover-Foster and McClymonds neighborhoods of West Oakland. Order online and check the box stating that you qualify for delivery
Minimum required order: none
Service area: Clawson, Hoover-Foster and McClymonds neighborhoods of West Oakland.
Delivery fee: free
More details: deliveries are offered two times per day on weekdays; one time a day on weekends

Rockridge Market Hall

Contact: 5655 College Ave., Oakland; 510-250-6000, rockridgemarkethall.com
What’s offered: The Rockridge specialty store delivers prepared foods, pantry items, produce, baked goods and seafood from Hapuku Fish Shop. Orders can be made through an online order form or by phone (If ordering online, customers can request delivery by making a note in the box marked ‘Special Instructions’ during online checkout)
Minimum required order: $40
Service area: delivery available to customers within a 5-mile radius
Delivery fee: $16
More details: Orders must be placed by noon for delivery between 1-4 p.m. the following day. Deliveries are made by Market Halls catering vans, which are regularly disinfected. Staff, who wear masks and gloves while working, call customers when delivery has arrived to ensure contactless transfer

Rocky’s Market

Contact: 1440 Leimert Blvd., Oakland; 510-482-2474, rockysmarket.com
What’s offered: Oakmore neighborhood market Rocky’s is offering its organic produce and full stock of groceries for delivery. Orders are taken by phone or customers can fill out an online request form, which will prompt a staffer to get in touch to take the order, take payment, and confirm delivery dates and times
Minimum required order: $50; no minimum for seniors, immunocompromised or other at-risk residents
Service area: Oakmore, Piedmont, and Montclair residents
Delivery fee: free
More details: Online order requests are answered by staffers within 1-2 days after the form is submitted. A driver will call when the order is on your porch

C&L Produce

Contact: 510-893-9010, www.clproduce.com, orderdesk@clproduce.com or 510-893-1105 (fax)
What’s offered: The restaurant produce wholesaler is now offering stock boxes (fruits, vegetables, rice, milk, and eggs) for home delivery. Customers place orders by phone, email or fax
Minimum required order: none
Service area: C&L covers a very extensive range of cities, including Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley. Scroll to the bottom of their delivery page to see full list of cities served
Delivery fee: free
More details: delivery is available Monday through Saturday.

Cream Co. Meats

Contact: 700 Julie Ann Way, Oakland; eatcream.co/retail
What’s offered: Whole animal butcher Cream Co. Meats offers both individual cuts of meat and packaged boxes
Minimum required order: none
Service area: throughout the East Bay
Delivery fee: $25
More details: Cream Co. is sold out of most of its smaller variety boxes, leaving specialty cuts, like a leg of lamb for $69, up to the quarter cow ‘Bunker Box’, approximately 125 pounds of beef for $1,119. Orders are fulfilled on a weekly basis and must be placed by noon Monday for delivery the following Tuesday


Contact: 3936 Telegraph Ave., Oakland; 510-891-1232, www.conamrestaurants.com
What’s offered: The Temescal neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant offers prepared food and alcohol menus, along with a small selection of groceries (pantry staples, household and cleaning supplies), which can be ordered online
Minimum required order: none
Service area: Berkeley, Emeryville and most of Oakland
Delivery fee: $3-$10, depending on order size and distance
More details: Owner Trung Nguyen advises customers interested in delivery to ask for items they do not see, such as produce, as there is a good chance the restaurant has extra which can be included, or which he can procure from a wholesaler. Turnaround time is between 45 minutes and an hour

Nybll Grocery

Contact: 415-617-9691, info@nybll.com
What’s offered: The Oakland-based home meal delivery service now offers pre-ordered grocery boxes
Minimum required order: $42 (its most affordable option)
Service area: Bay Area
Delivery fee: $10
More details: Orders are delivered between noon-5 p.m., Tuesday; order by Sunday for Tuesday delivery

The Town Kitchen Provisions

Contact: provisions@thetownkitchen.com, www.ttkprovisions.com/shop-categories
What’s offered: The Town Kitchen, a community-based food organization that works with underserved youth, is now offering basic provisions for home delivery.
Minimum required order: $100
Service area: Bay Area
Delivery fee: $10
More details: A text or email will be sent when orders are at the door. Provisions will be delivered within three days, if ordered by noon; add an extra day for orders placed after noon.


Dan’s Farmers Market

Contact: 2300 Central Ave., Alameda; 510-523-1777, www.dansfreshproduce.com
What’s offered: Dan’s Farmers Market uses Mercato for grocery delivery
Minimum required order: $10
Service area: see the full list of eligible zip codes by scrolling to the bottom of the Dan’s Farmers Market Mercato page
Delivery fee: $12.99-$13.99, Mercato provides unlimited free delivery of orders over 35+ when customers sign up for a paid promotion
More details: Dan’s Farmers Market also offers boxes of produce via its community supported agriculture (CSA) program, for $39.95, which includes delivery. CSA Delivery is available within Alameda and also into Oakland from Glascock Street north to East 7th Street, and from 29th Avenue east to Lancaster Street

Imperfect Foods

Contact: www.imperfectfoods.com
What’s offered: Imperfect Foods offers produce and groceries (meat, fish, snacks, dairy and grains) for weekly subscription delivery
Minimum required order: $16 (Its most affordable option)
Service area: throughout the East Bay
Delivery fee: $5
More details: The idea behind Imperfect Foods is to sell customers produce that isn’t quite up to conventional beauty standards. The business model cuts waste and offers customers lower costs than they would otherwise confront at most grocery stores