What nature can you see from your window? Tell us about it for Earth Day

For Earth Day on April 22, show us what of the natural world you can see from your window while you’re sheltering in place.

Send us photos and short descriptions of what nature you can see from your window. Photo: Cirrus Wood

Last year for Earth Day Berkeleyside asked readers to share images and stories of their favorite Berkeley trees.

This year we’re doing something a bit different. While people are sheltering in place, we’re asking readers to tell us about nature from where they are — what of the natural world can be seen from your window? It might be a garden, a street tree, a flock of birds, or even just clouds in the sky. Tell us about it in 100 words and share a photo or drawing.

The “view from my window” idea is not original — it’s been revived recently for obvious reasons, but it’s part of a worldwide movement that’s been around for years and spawned books, Facebook groups and more.

Why do this? Because there will be a time to explore distant parks and mountains again, but right now, it is more important to stay at home. And nature is everywhere around us, even if we’re not always looking.