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  • Big Screen Berkeley: The films of Alain Tanner

    The Swiss director's movies have been out of circulation for 20 years, which makes BAMPFA's upcoming series, 'Subtle Subversion: The Films of Alain Tanner,' all the more welcome.

  • Big Screen Berkeley: ‘Blindspotting’

    Berkeley High grads Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs have crafted a deeply intelligent, well-written drama with comedic overtones that's going to make waves come awards season.

  • Big Screen Berkeley: ‘Damsel’

    The new western, 'Damsel,' is lovely to look at and delightful to listen to, except when its characters open their mouths.

  • Big Screen Berkeley: ‘Western’

    Though largely unknown in the United States, 'Western' was a massive success on the international festival circuit and is worth a look for anyone interested in German cinema.

  • Big Screen Berkeley: ‘Beast’

    Michael Pearce's 'Beast' is a character study disguised as a murder-mystery, offering sharply drawn examinations of the black sheep boy and girl whom neighbors view with suspicion.

  • Big Screen Berkeley: ‘The Headless Woman’

    A middle-aged, middle-class woman named Vero is driving home when she hits something. Is it a person? An animal? This Argentinian film explores her reaction to the accident.