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  • Recipe: Frosted fig torte

    This simple, rustic recipe featuring fresh figs, aromatic spices and a decadent cream cheese frosting will fill your kitchen with sweet autumn aromas.

  • Recipe: Sweet almond cherry bars

    These tempting cookie bars flavored with fresh cherries, almond paste, orange and vanilla will make you wish cherry season was all year long.

  • Recipe: Lemon apple skillet cake

    This lemon cornmeal cake, draped with a layer of tart apple slices and speckled with fruity, bittersweet pink peppercorns, makes for a symphony of flavors.

  • Recipe: Rhubarb Rye Shortbread

    Tart and tangy rhubarb and a sweet orange glaze top these bite-size rye shortbread cookies.

  • Recipe: Ginger celery cake

    Freshly grated celery gives this unique cake a whisper of grassy notes, a perfect complement to its bold, earthy and spicy ginger flavor.

  • Recipe: Easy vegan coconut caramels

    A batch of these chewy, rich caramels — creamy with coconut and smoky with paprika — make an uncommonly good holiday gift.

  • Recipe: Almond apple sherry cake

    Celebrate apple season by making this delicious, succulent cake featuring comforting flavors of fall.

  • Recipe: Cherry sorrel cakes

    This decadent dessert recipe tops lemon-sorrel cakes with tangy, sweet in-season cherries. It's a delightful summertime treat.

  • Rhubarb banana skillet cake

    In this tender upside-down cake, the creamy-sweet qualities of banana balance nicely with tangy rhubarb.

  • Pomegranate pumpkin cheesecake

    If you're looking for a new twist on a classic Thanksgiving dessert, give this silky smooth pumpkin-pomegranate cheesecake a whirl.