Articles by Moriah

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  • Spiced pear sandwich cakes

    Imperfectly shaped pear-flecked mini cakes, sandwiched with oozing cream cheese filling and a juicy slice of fruit: bon appetit!

  • Brown sugar soy sauce cake

    A crisp caramelized bottom and butterscotchy orange-slice topping is perfectly complemented by a splash of robust soy sauce for this yummy cake.

  • Sazerac cookies

    Moriah VanVleet immediately thought of new dessert recipes when she first tasted absinthe. She was even more inspired when she learned about its most historical cocktail, the sazerac.

  • Sweet sesame matzah bars

    Fragrant with nutty flavor, sweet, crisp sesame matzah bars offer the moist richness of almond paste and the tart tang of fresh orange peel.

  • Lemony fennel cupcakes

    Lemony fennel cupcakes offer a burst of citrus and a touch of fragrant herb: aromatic, light and airy, their essence is as refreshing as it is satisfying.

  • Pea and peppermint cake

    This original green pea and peppermint leaf cake is deliciously fresh with a flavor that hints of the coming spring.

  • Sunroot spice cake

    Autumn invites the making of spice cakes: this one uses sunchokes for something different but delicious.

  • Floral nasturtium cookies

    Nasturtiums go beyond being pretty flowers. They also make subtly peppery, sweet and buttery cookies.

  • Tomato spice cake

    Juicy, tangy and sweet, seasonal tomatoes make it obvious that they’re fruits and not vegetables. Why not create a sweet treat from them?

  • Cinnamon peach sandwich cakes

    Delicate and decadent at once, cinnamon peach sandwich cookies are soft, spicy and succulent: the best of a cake and a cookie at once.