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  • Author Jeff Chang: Is resegregation the unexamined issue of our time?

    Hours after Donald Trump was elected president, UC Berkeley students and others took to the streets to protest a man they felt was unsuited to lead the United States. The next day, 1,500 Berkeley High students walked out of school. Across the country, thousands of people rallied against Trump and what they saw as his racist, sexist, divisive message that blamed immigrants and people of color for this country’s woes.

  • The It List: Five things to do in Berkeley this weekend

    HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING Thanksgiving is behind us, and the winter holidays are just around the corner. Downtown Berkeley is kicking off the season with its third annual Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration. It’s exactly what it sounds like — plus baked goods, holiday crafts for kids, and live music from the Berkeley Chamber Singers. Gather at the downtown BART Plaza on Friday, Dec. 5 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m to participate. Check in on Yelp for a free gift. Berkeleyside is a sponsor of the event. (more…)

  • An all too black comedy of unintended consequences

    You probably know that you and I — actually, all of us collectively, homo sapiens the species — are responsible for a truly alarming reduction in the number of other species on Planet Earth. But apart from occasional stories in the media about endangered polar bears and black rhinos and the like, you may feel, as I do, that it’s tough to get terribly excited.

  • Spying on Democracy: Author details rise in surveillance

    In the last few months, Americans’ expectations about government interference in their lives has been turned completely upside down. Edward Snowden’s leaks have shown that the National Security Agency has paid millions to Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft, as well as telephone companies, for data about its customers. The government has information on hundreds of millions of its law-abiding citizens.

  • Khaled Hosseini: ‘All fiction is characters facing a choice’

    If you are ever stranded on that proverbial deserted island, you might hope to have author Khaled Hosseini as your companion. It’s hard to imagine a better buddy: one who could erase hours of boredom with storytelling, treat the inevitable scrapes and dehydration by drawing on his years as a practicing doctor, and stimulate the world — the millions of readers enamored by his New York Times bestselling The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and now, And the Mountains Echoed (Riverhead Books, May 2013) — to mount a massive manhunt.

  • Book bares truth about false incest accusation

    Bay Area author Meredith Maran has been chronicling her life and the world around her since the mid 1990s. Her memoir, What It’s Like to Live Now, which was a Chronicle bestseller, and Notes From an Incomplete Revolution, detailed what it was like to come out as a lesbian, raise two sons in a marginal neighborhood, strive for social justice, and grapple with the successes and shortcomings of feminism.