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  • Update: Davila expands lead in District 2, next results expected Wednesday

    Update, Monday, Nov. 14, 5:43 p.m. Cheryl Davila has increased her lead in City Council District 2, from 50.77% Friday to 50.82% Monday. Nearly 100 votes now separate her from incumbent Darryl Moore after Nanci Armstrong-Temple’s votes were allocated to each candidate. The Registrar of Voters continued until today to accept ballots postmarked by Tuesday, Nov. 8, but Davila has increased her lead each time votes are tallied and the ranked-choice voting algorithm runs.

  • Op-ed: Why I’m voting for Darryl Moore — The neighborhood grocery store that almost wasn’t

    When picking out organic produce or enjoying lunch at our neighborhood jewel, West Berkeley Bowl, it’s hard to believe how many people tried to block it from being built, and how very close they came to succeeding. Amazing, and yet true. And it’s just one of the reasons why I am happy to vote again for Darryl Moore for City Council, District 2.

  • Op-ed: Why I’m supporting Cheryl Davila for City Council, District 2

    Walking around District two, I can’t help but notice the purple Cheryl Davila signs displayed in windows and poking out of front gardens all over the neighborhoods of West Berkeley. I’m thrilled that Cheryl has answered the call from the district for new leadership, and I’m proud to support her campaign.

  • Op-ed: We need Darryl Moore on Berkeley City Council

    It’s simple – we need Moore.  We are facing both good times and challenging times, and that is a moment when civic experience matters. We need to reelect Darryl Moore for Berkeley City Council, District 2. When divisive politics and meaningless soundbites rule the airwaves, turning people against one another, we need a leader who will focus on the core issues for our neighborhoods to create a stable, progressive, inclusive, and positive community that will grow and succeed in the face of both opportunities and challenges. That leader is Darryl Moore.

  • Op-ed: The long and short of Cheryl Davila, candidate for City Council

    Cheryl Davila is running to represent her neighbors in District 2 and to defeat Darryl Moore on the Berkeley City Council in November. Cheryl happens to be really short — standing barely at 4’ 11” even wearing her cowgirl boots (she and I see eye to eye, politically and literally since I am 4’ 9”). Don’t be fooled by Cheryl’s stature because she is a giant on the issues we care about, locally and globally.