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  • Frederick Wiseman behind the scenes at Crazy Horse

    Frederick Wiseman has made 37 award-winning documentaries, beginning with Titicut Follies (1967), a stark graphic portrayal of the conditions at the Massachusetts State Prison for the Criminally Insane. Now, after a long career of hard-hitting exposés, Wiseman has gone from one kind of crazy house to another – the Crazy Horse.

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  • Big Screen Berkeley: Boxing Gym

    A letter published in the March 1929 issue of Motion Picture Magazine asked: “Why in the world does anybody want to see life represented on the screen as it is? How can they stand to see anything so monotonous? We all see these commonplace things every day of our lives and when we go to the theatre we want something unreal and beautiful to give us courage and hope to face the trials of this drab world of ours…So please, Mr. Directors, give us not life as it is but life as we would like it to be…”

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