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  • Nurses at Alta Bates, other Bay Area hospitals, on strike

    Nurses at Alta Bates Summit Hospital on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley went out on strike today and will do so again tomorrow, the seventh walk-out since September 2011. The nurses are protesting what they term “employer demands for sweeping cuts in nurses’ and patient care standards.”

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  • Alta Bates nurses go on strike, part of Sutter-wide protest

    Nurses at Alta Bates Summit Hospital on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley plan to strike today, the fifth walk-out since September 2011. The nurses are protesting concession demands they say “would undermine patient care protections as well as health and living standards for the registered nurses.”

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  • Nurses strike at Alta Bates, 10 other hospitals

    An estimated 4,500 registered nurses from 11 Bay Area hospitals, including Berkeley’s Alta Bates, went out on a one-day strike today to protest what they say are some 100 concessions to patient care being made by their employer, Sutter Health.

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  • Nurses’ strike draws cheers and honking horns

    A raucous, good-humored crowd of hundreds of nurses gathered this morning in front of the Alta Bates Summit campus on Ashby Avenue to rally for the one-day California Nurses Association strike against “sweeping demands for concessions” from Sutter Health, the hospital’s owner. The nurses listened to music, chanted slogans and cheered the many passing cars and trucks that honked horns in support.

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  • Alta Bates nurses to go on one-day strike tomorrow

    Nurses at the two Alta Bates Summit hospital campuses in Berkeley will hold a one-day strike tomorrow to protest what they term “sweeping demands for concessions” on contract terms by Sutter Health, which owns Alta Bates Summit. Alta Bates Summit is bringing in contract nurses to cover for the strikers, and says patient care will not be affected.

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  • Is Berkeley about to lose its heart cath lab?

    Bob Hink served until last year as a member of the Alta Bates Summit Foundation Board of Delegates. He contributed this comment to Berkeleyside to alert people to the potential closure of the Alta Bates heart catheterization lab.

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